Daily Archives: December 7, 2010

New Belgium and Allagash Brewing Create Vrienden, the BFF Beer for Life! 1

Collaborations are hella exciting (whoah, California has completely taken over my vocabulary). Heck, new beer releases are uber exciting, especially when they are between two breweries for which I have a lot of admiration, adoration, and respect. Super excited to announce the recent collaboration between New Belgium and Allagash — Vrienden, a funky sour concoction […]



Holiday Beer Gift Alert: Porcelain Ceramic Beer Glasses 3

Being the eccentric beer geek that I am, I’m always looking for new, fun, unique and quirky beer gadgets and accessories. And I like my swag like I like my beer — artisan, hand-crafted and made with love. Unique objects make awesome gifts, and with this holiday season rapidly approaching, I’ve been on the mission […]