Top 10 Social Media Breweries: VOTING ROUND is LIVE

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Published on March 23, 2011 with 6 Comments

The voting round for the Top 10 Social Media Breweries is now live.

Please visit the –> SURVEY MONKEY <– link to participate in the poll.

Each voter must give a score from 1 to 5 on 3 separate measures for each brewery.

The top three winners of each measure will be aggregated and the OVERALL top 10 breweries will be named according to overall point totals.

May the best brewery win :) CHEERS!

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There are currently 6 Comments on Top 10 Social Media Breweries: VOTING ROUND is LIVE. Perhaps you would like to add one of your own?

  1. No Short’s Brewing Company? Come on guys!

  2. I think you should re-think this opinion poll form.

    I know I live overseas, but I’m american and I can only truthfully express an opinion on 2 or 3 of the brewery’s social media use. The rest of my ratings will be absolutely meaningless!
    Its a little much to ask people to visit ALL these sites just to try to be fair.

    Perhaps you can have people rate the 5 breweries they know the most about?

    And maybe I missed it, but is 5 the best rating or is 1 the best rating?

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    I don’t have enough interaction with every brewery on that list to be able to give honest feedback, heck I hadn’t even heard of one of them. I would prefer to be able to vote on the breweries that I follow and interact with.

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  6. I know I missed the nomination part of this, but I’m super super super surprised to not see Deschutes on this list…

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  8. Dave: Sorry, no Short’s this time around. The call for nominations was prior to the vote. They did not receive enough nominations from friends and followers …

  9. Robert… I know I locked all the answers. This is because I had people abusing “the system” on the nomination round. And yes, it is flawed. But then, I never said that it was a perfect system. And since this is the first time I’ve created something like this, the quirks will be worked out each time. Just bare with me, okay?

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