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Dogfish Head & Sierra Nevada Team Up Again to Brew an East-meets-West Imperial IPA

Three years ago, I had the honor of attending the release party for Sierra Nevada‘s first-ever collaboration beer, Life & Limb, in San Francisco. For the its first collaboration project, Sierra chose good friend Dogfish Head, a collaboration beer veteran. Technically speaking, they released two beers that day; Life & Limb and Limb & Life […]



Beer News: California Governor Signs Bill to Protect Barrel-aged Beer 3

As you can imagine, alcohol laws in the United States are very strict, highly controversial and extremely wonky. Sadly, a significant amount of today’s alcohol legislation has deep roots to the post-Prohibition Era, making many alcohol laws irrelevant and simply stupid. But, as with many idiosyncrasies in our government, some of these stupid laws are […]

High Water Brewing Launches with Production of “Innovative and Exciting” Beers from Award-Winning Brewmaster Steve Altimari

Not all news is good news in the craft beer industry. For example, last year I received the very sad news that one of my favorite craft brewers, Steve Altimari, was leaving Valley Brewing Company, the brewery he had helped to establish and run for over a decade. This made me sad for several reasons: […]



Beer Review: Valley Brewing Decadent Evil 4

It recently dawned on me that, despite the fact that I drink beer every single day, I have been really bad about writing about the beers I drink. Bad Beer Wench. Last week, I had the opportunity to shadow brewmaster Steve Altimari as “Brewer For A Day” at Valley Brewing Company. The experience was tremendous […]