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Craft Beer Evangelism: Why I Blog About Craft Beer 15

After a emotionally charged and mentally challenging week in the beer blogging realm, my psychological state of mind was, needless to say, a bit out of sorts. I forced to question the validity and relevance of my own personal brand and blog as well as reevaluate my purpose and my place in the industry. WHY […]

Ashley + Mutinous Battle Chai


Press Release: World’s First Beer Bloggers Conference Wraps Up in Colorado 1

108 Online Beer Writers Discussed State of Beer Blogging Boulder, Colorado – 108 beer bloggers from around the United States wrapped up the first-ever Beer Bloggers Conference on Sunday in Boulder, Colorado. Attendees enthusiastically claimed success and started looking forward to 2011. “It was a great mix of sessions, events, and time to network”, explained […]