Beer + Science + Art = BevShots

Searching for a really unique present that will dazzle and impress your art & science loving beer (wine & spirits) geek friends this holiday season?

Well kids, call the search off.

I recently stumbled across a Florida start-up that has launched a line of abstract art pieces created using images of various alcoholic beverages shot through a high-powered microscope.

Bevshots MicroArt is technology meets art meets booze. And I think it is freaking brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.



In addition to loving all thing alcoholic, I’m also a huge art freak. My parents are fairly avid art collectors and I spent a great deal of my childhood in museums. I love art. I love science. And I love beer.

So naturally, I needed to know more about BevShots MicroArt. Upon further inquiry, the cool cats at BevShots MicroArt were kind enough to pass the official press release about the art collection as well as some thumbnails of the artwork.

Cola Full 2x3


Art, like beer and food, is completely subjective. People look for different things in art and in beer and people have different palates and preferences for both. There is no one right opinion on either. My palate and art preference is not the end all be all.

But having said that, it is my personal opinion that BevShots MicroArt is fantastic. The idea is genius and very well executed. I’ve spent a good deal of time looking through their galleries. I can see this becoming an addiction for me (if you want to know what to send me for Christmas — ding ding ding. We have a winner. Oh, and beer. I will accept beer).



And without any further ado, here it is the official press release:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Searching for an unusual gift for that special someone who likes contemporary art, adult beverages and an interesting story?  If so, BevShots may put you in the right holiday spirit.

BevShots MicroArt is a Florida start-up that blends art with adult beverages by putting images of beer, wine and cocktails shot by a high-powered microscope on canvas and gallery-grade paper. The company sells its unique cocktail art on a sophisticated web site, where prices range from $49.99 for a small print on archival paper up to $550 for a large print matted in a deluxe frame or an image on canvas in an elegant floating frame.



The full BevShots gallery is comprised of 25 images ranging from tequila to martini, vodka tonic to domestic and imported beers and red, white and sparkling wines, all available as customizable art pieces. No two beverages look alike, with images representing an array of colors and patterns that can fit the décor of any home or office.

“BevShots easily mix with today’s trends in abstract art, but feature a topic we all know and love – alcoholic beverages,” said Hutt. “Those who have seen BevShots are excited to find out what their drink of choice looks like under a microscope and those who haven’t seen BevShots before are interested in the story behind it. We’ve been thrilled by the outpouring of interest from people who want to display personal favorites in their home or office.”



Hutt is also counting on BevShots’ images finding their way to this year’s holiday gift lists. By offering gift certificates, allows each gift-giver to let their loved one choose their favorite image and customization.

“It’s really the perfect gift for a friend, family member or client who loves art, a drink, an unusual accessory for their home décor and a unique conversation piece.”

But, some find the story behind the art equally engaging.  The history of BevShots is one that blends a scientific discovery with the retail industry.

Back in the 1990s, Michael Davidson, a top microscopist at Florida State University found a creative way to fund his laboratory by selling images of beverages under a microscope to a necktie company. Thus, Molecular Expressions’ Cocktail Collection was born and sold more than five million neckties across the U.S.

Tequila Full 2x3


In 2006, the Florida Board of Governors implemented the State University Research Commercialization Assistance Grant Program. The program’s goal was to increase commercialization of products and technologies that emerge from research taking place at state universities in Florida. Hutt was employed under the grant to research the market for the beverage images.  He believed this endeavor had enormous potential and made a personal investment, purchasing the images and licenses from Florida State and Davidson, lining up printers and frame manufacturers, creating an e-commerce web site and launching a marketing blitz.



In addition to the full gallery of BevShots available online, owners of iPhones can sample and share the company’s unique images thanks to the new BevShots’ BarHop application.  At $1.99, it provides microscopic images of a dozen drinks in Sports Bar, Pub, Cocktail Lounge and Wine Bar settings.

To learn more – and see all 25 BevShots images – visit  To check out the iPhone app, touch the App Store button on your iPhone and search BevShots or BarHop.


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