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True story: I love to Google random word combinations that involve beer. And by doing so, I stumble across some pretty awesome (and some not-so-awesome) things. So I have decided that, from now on, I am going to start posting my awesome discoveries on Drink With The Wench in the category I am calling FTW — aka For The Win.

Truth be told, I love accessories. And I especially love functional accessories — you know, the kind that look good and serve an invaluable purpose. And by invaluable purpose I mean that they can successfully open bottles of alcoholic beverages. And I’m not referring to the wedding ring bottle opener trick — no, no ladies. I am referring to necklaces that are not only super awesome in design, but also serve a purpose to society ouside of our own vanity.

Blend Creations, known for its beauty warmth and harmony in modern jewelry and design, has developed The  American brews disc bottle-opener stainless steel pendant with cord… aka beer bottle opener necklaces. But these are just any bottle openers on a string….”To most people, this stainless steel disc will simply be an abstract-patterned pendant. But, the opening of the disc is actually a functioning bottle-opener, and the pattern is actually a map in homage to the birthplace of one of eleven well-loved American micro-brewed beers. Open your beer, and look good doing it.” (source: http://blendcreations.com)

At this time, the following maps are available:

  • Brooklyn, NY birthplace of Brooklyn Brewery
  • Hood River, OR birthplace of Full Sail Brewing Co.
  • Rehoboth Beach, DE birthplace of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  • Fort Collins, CO birthplace of New Belgium Brewing
  • Cleveland, OH birthplace of Great Lakes Brewery Co.
  • Aspen, CO birthplace of Flying Dog Brewery
  • Paso Robles, CA birthplace of Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
  • Kailua-Kona, HI birthplace of Kona Brewing Co.
  • San Marcos, CA birthplace of Stone Brewing Co.
  • Burlington, VT birthplace of Magic Hat Brewing Co.

Price: $64 a pop… not too shabby, though, all things considered. Go get one. Cause they are awesome.

PS: Blend Creations is giving one of their coveted pendants away to a lucky facebook fan this month, details here: https://www.facebook.com/blendcreations?sk=app_197602066931325

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