Articles Posted July 2012

  • IPA Day Logo 2012

    Countdown to the 2nd Annual IPA Day on August 2nd

    As you may have gotten wind, IPA Day, a global craft beer celebration launched by myself and fellow social media mastermind Ryan Ross of Karl Strauss, is back! The official announcement was made last month on and I am excited to say that it is ONLY 4 DAYS AWAY! On Aug. 2, 2012, you […]

  • Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 10.04.39 AM

    The Hunt for New Belgium’s “Red Hoptober” Begins Now!

    Just when I thought all the possible hop pun beer names have been thought of, New Belgium announced the release of a brand spanking new seasonal — Red Hoptober, a deep garnet ale featuring Eldorado red hops. Weighing in at 6% abv and 45 IBUs, Red Hoptober is a dark garnet ale with a bright […]

  • Photo: José M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune

    Farmer’s Market to Keg: Brewing Innovation at Goose Island’s Clybourn Pub

    As an advocate of both craft beer and Slow Food, I really admire the mindful brewers who take “extra” steps to produce artisanal beers inspired by local ingredients. One such brewmaster is Jared Rouben of Goose Island’s Clybourn Pub in Chicago, IL (still a privately owned brewpub which was NOT included in the Goose Island […]

  • Beer Blogger Tweetup at GABF 2010

    Mark the Date: 2012 Great American Beer Festival Tickets On Sale August 2nd

    As if IPA Day wasn’t reason enough to celebrate craft beer on August 2nd, the Brewer’s Association recently announced that public admission tickets to the 2012 Great American Beer Festival will go on sale starting August 2nd, until they are sold out. For those lucky enough to be Brewer’s Association members (aka breweries), American Homebrewers […]

  • prohibition

    Beer News: California Governor Signs Bill to Protect Barrel-aged Beer

    As you can imagine, alcohol laws in the United States are very strict, highly controversial and extremely wonky. Sadly, a significant amount of today’s alcohol legislation has deep roots to the post-Prohibition Era, making many alcohol laws irrelevant and simply stupid. But, as with many idiosyncrasies in our government, some of these stupid laws are […]

  • our_beers_DOUBLE-DBA

    Double Trouble: Firestone Walker Releases Double DBA

    Firestone Walker just announced the release of an Imperial version of its flagship beer, Double Barrel Ale. Double DBA is essentially DBA brewed at double strength and matured for an extended period.  Like DBA, Double DBA was partially fermented in new American oak barrels. “We started our brewery by fermenting our flagship Double Barrel Ale […]

  • draft_lens10848151module98996731photo_1273060510beer-mesopotamia-drink

    Great Lakes Brewing Company Brews Ancient Sumerian Beer

    Looks like Dogfish Head Brewery is not the only one conspiring with archeologists to recreate ancient beer recipes. Great Lakes Brewing Company out of Cleveland, OH recently announced its latest project, spearheaded by co-owner Pat Conway. They intend to recreate the very first beer that man ever made. In order to brew a historically accurate […]

  • Beer-Drinking-Speed-610x319

    FTW: Your Beer Drinking Speed via @StickyComics

    True story: I love to Google random word combinations that involve beer. And by doing so, I stumble across some pretty awesome (and some not-so-awesome) things. The awesome discoveries I classify as an FTW — aka For The Win. Today’s FTW is a “sticky comic” that I found thanks to my friend Hennie (@HennArtOnline) on […]

  • Photos from Avery Brewing Co. 2nd Annual Sour Fest

    Avery Brewing Co. Celebrates 19 Years this Summer

    In dog years, 19 years is like forever. Same with craft beer. Back in 1993, when Avery Brewing Co. first started its operations, there were barely 500 craft breweries in the U.S. Nineteen years later, there are nearly 2000 — a number which is growing at an exponential rate. For those unfamiliar, Avery Brewing Co. […]

  • liquid pie

    KQED Public Media for NorCal Features Beer Mixology

    Recently the Discovery Channel took notice and now Public Media (NPR) is catching onto to the relatively new and ever exciting trend of beer mixology. I recently partnered with two of my talented and forward thinking friends, Jerry James Stone and Chris Eldridge, to launch a beer mixology pilot project (you can read more about […]