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INTRODUCING: “THE MANDLE” – Man Candle In Recycled Beer Bottles

Written by The Beer Wench. Posted in FTW (for the win!!), NEWS

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INTRODUCING: “THE MANDLE” – Man Candle In Recycled Beer Bottles

Published on February 26, 2010 with 10 Comments

Are you a candle loving pyromaniac, but have no tolerance for overwhelming “girlie” scents such Vanilla Bean Cupcake With Pink Sprinkles and Mom’s Fresh Baked Banana Bread???

Well have no fear, there is hope yet!

The brilliant minds behind Koi Kouture recently launched a line of “Man Candles” … errr I mean “Mandles.” Each “Mandle” comes in a recycled Rogue Brewery, Stone Brewing Co. or New Belgium beer bottle.


According to the Etsy site, each bottle has been handcrafted in “a studio full of power tools and beer, while Whitesnake plays in the background.

How … manly of them. Just add some facial stubble, some Lee’s bluejeans and a shotgun — and you have one killer “Man Candle Making Man Fest.”

These candles are made from 22 oz. beer bottles since, according to Koi Kouture, “men drink big beers and like big candles.” Each candle is between 16 and 18 ounces.

There is a disclaimer though, Koi Kouture does recognize that they cannot alienate the fairer sex and admits that these candles are also for the “awesome girls” that drink beer like “real men.” Awww, shucks. Thanks guys…


In my opinion, the “best” aspect of this concept is that fact that they are using CRAFT BEER bottles for the candles. Which is further proof that “real men” and “awesome girls” don’t just drink beer, they drink craft beer. VIVA LA BEER WARS!

Another fun attribute is that each candle is custom made. The customer not only has the option of choosing the scent, but they also can choose WHICH Rogue Ales beer bottle to put it in! Rock on! Curious about what a “Mandle” scent actually entails?


Here are the scents you can choose from:

HOOTERS WAITRESS SCENTED: Suntan Oil with the faint smell of old deep fryer oil. 

HUNGRY MAN TV DINNER SCENTED: Roast Beef with Creamed Corn (real enough to make you throw up in your mouth a little)

STRIPPER BREATH SCENTED: Watermelon Jolly Rancher with a little stale smoke

HAM & CHEESE SANDWICH ON RYE SCENTED: Ham and cheese on rye…with a tiny bit of mustard. 

MUNCHIES SCENTED: Fritos with an underlying layer of dried pot and a tiny bit of smoke. 

CARNY: Cotton Candy and Corn Dogs…with a little motor oil.

TRAILER PARK: Motor Oil, Fresh Dirt and despair (not really)

CAMPING: Roasted Marshmallow and Firewood

OH NO, IT’S THE COPS!: Coffee and Donuts

ROAD TRIP: Beef Jerky

OLD SPICE (Because the new commercials are amazing!)



CRAZY OLD FISHERMAN: Fishing Boat and Old Spice

AXE BODY SPRAY: Just like the one your little brother in college wears.

FRESH CUT GRASS: Men love nothing more than mowing the lawn and drinking a beer. 

LEATHER: Just like the leather couch in a bachelor pad



Rogue Brewery American Amber Ale
Rogue Capt. Sig’s Northwestern Ale
Rogue Brewery Shakespeare Stout
Rogue Brewery Kell’s Irish Style Lager
Rogue Brewery Smoke Ale
Rogue Brewery Orange Honey Wheat
Rogue Brewery Juniper Pale Ale
Rogue Brewery Hazelnut Brown
Rogue Brewery Chipolte Ale
Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale
Stone IPA
Stone Ruination IPA
Stone Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
New Belgium Lip of Faith


Costing about $28 bucks a pop and another 6 bucks in shipping, these candles are not exactly “cheap.” But then, they are completely hand-crafted and the idea is very unique and novel. I would say that they are worth it. Now I know what I am getting all of my craft beer enthusiast friends for future gifts!!!



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There are currently 10 Comments on INTRODUCING: “THE MANDLE” – Man Candle In Recycled Beer Bottles. Perhaps you would like to add one of your own?

  1. What, no hops scented candle? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. Cool, but I’ll have to agree with Mario. There should be at least one that smells like beer! :)

  3. Quite possibly the coolest thing I have seen this year.

    But yes, I will complete the trifecta and say I want a hops or malt scented candle…

  4. No beer scent? And no bacon? Who is doing market research for these people?

  5. I must say, seriously funny scents! I almost want to get some just to see what they think these aromas entail.

  6. @ElJefe I can’t find a link to it, but NPR had a story about this couple who made novelty candles catered towards men. One of their bestsellers was bacon flavored.

    Good call on using the Rogue bottles as holders. Maybe not for a man candle, but I think Delirium Noël’s bottle would make a cool candle holder.

    I’m not sure I’d actually light one in my house, but maybe in a friend’s house as a prank!

  7. Wow, It must be appreciated, I like to use these recycled Scented Candles.

  8. Although I’m still doing my best to create an actual beer scent (trust me, the beer scents out there don’t deserve to be poured into Rogue bottles), I have finally created the BACON man candle!

    After the first lighting of this sucker, I shed a tear…and then I punched a wall, because I’m tough like that! (This is not actually true…but connecting with my inner Chuck Norris is part of my marketing strategy)

    Thanks for the idea guys! Next up…BBQ scent. Still working on it, but it requires some extensive research, which includes fire, meat, and beer.

  9. This is classic. Rad idea. I am looking forward to smelling these mandles as well as see what scents are coming for the fall.

  10. Awesome! Thanks for finding & sharing these. Just read Koi Kouture’s comment about the Bacon scented candle – that will surely be a hit.

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