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As with most cool new trends, NYC is miles ahead of all the other cities.

The latest new gadget is a website that tracks the beer selections of NYC bars. The website is called BeerMenus and operates similar to MenuPages. BeerMenus just launched yesterday -April 24, 2008- and is already generating hype.

It uses two types of search methods. One is by bar, which is typical and expected. The other is actually pretty damn awesome. People have the option of searching by BEER. Just type in a desired beer, and all the bars that offer it will appear on a Google map. INGENIUS.

BeerMenus indexes special events at bars as well. I might be willing to take a trip to NYC if anything sparks my interest!

Here is the creation story:

Brothers Will and Eric were drinking beers and debating their favorites before heading out for the night. Eric backed Arrogant Bastard and Will was pushing Dogfish Head 90 Minute. They searched for a bar serving their favorite beers on google. They came up empty handed, but their disappointment faded when they saw their destiny. As avid beer lovers who started homebrewing at ages 4 and 7, they had to create a website where people could browse and search beer menus.

Today has over 150 beer menus, including over 1200 beers. And we’re just getting started. We add and update beer menus every day and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I encourage everyone to check out the BeerMenus Blog.

It would be great to have something like this for the city of Columbus. Any tech savvy individuals interested in assisting The Beer Wench with such a task?

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4 thoughts on “NYC Launches BeerMenus.Com

  • eric

    Thanks for the kind words!

    We’re currently working on the infrastructure to add other cities. If you’re interested in helping us bring BeerMenus to Columbus, let us know.


  • Andy

    It looks like they could scale up nationally if they wanted to. Since they are soliciting the help of regular people to update the menus, there is nothing stopping them from doing it outside the city. I typically use Beer Advocate’s Beer Fly ( when I travel. If this went nationwide, it would be the greatest thing since… beer.

  • thomas

    i would like to point out that the warner qube was well ahead of the entire world, let alone nyc and their city slicker ways. actually i hear nyc has tons of hillbillies. anyway… hit me up about doing that site if it doesn’t turn into some never ending headache ;p