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We all know that I love beer. That is a given.

Like almost every beer drinker, I enjoy eating a good salty snack while sipping the nectar of the gods. Pretzels, nuts, chips, fries (well ANYTHING fried) … and the list goes on. Recently, I have been really getting into chips. Two of my favorite brands are Kettle and Terra.

About Kettle: The potato chip may be the most common snack in America, but Kettle™ brand Potato Chips are anything but. Here’s what makes them so special:

Adventurous Flavors
Each flavor combination found on Kettle™ brand chips is so distinct and delicious they inspire a passionate following from our fans. Everyone has a favorite flavor, whether it’s on our regular, baked, organic, or tortilla chips. Along with our other healthy snacks, each potato chip flavor is crafted with care by our talented Chief Flavor Architect and taste approved by our founder, who made the very first bag back in 1982.

Kettle makes a ridiculously good flavor called Spicy Thai. If you have never tried them, I advise against it. They are highly addictive.

Spicy Thai™
ginger with ATTITUDE
As true chip innovators, we love a challenge. So when a fan suggested that we take Thai cuisine’s complex balance of flavors – sweetness, spice and salt – and balance it on a chip, we reached for our passports. We’ve incorporated the refreshing sweetness and snap of ginger and the red peppery pop of Thai spice to create a collision of East and West in the crunch of the world’s most worldly chip. Have Kettle™ brand – will travel. No passport required.
Available in 2 oz, 5 oz, and 9 oz

About Terra: Founded in 1990, Terra has pioneered new varieties of exotic vegetable chips and potato chips that have carved a new niche in the natural snacks market. Terra has always had a tradition of creating chef-inspired masterful combinations of unique vegetables with a variety of fabulous flavors.

My favorite Terra chip is the Mediterranean flavored exotic vegetable blend:

Enlarge Image

Mediterranean Terra Chips

Savor the finest flavors made famous in Mediterranean sunshine, a superb balance of garlic, oregano and cold-pressed olive oil. A combination coveted for centuries across the globe, you can now immerse your senses into the magnificence of Mediterranean Terra Chips wherever you go. Simply feast your eyes upon the vibrant colors of Terra’s original exotic array of root vegetable chips– taro, ruby taro, sweet potato, yuca, batata, and parsnip. Feel the natural texture of nature’s specially selected roots. Hear the crispy crunch that accompanies every bountiful bite. Lose yourself in the unmistakable aroma. And finally, taste this tantalizing culmination of the senses… Mediterranean Terra Chips.

But I digress. This post is not about my favorite chips. This post is about a new brand of chips I recently stumbled upon while surfing the Internet.

I present to you BEER CHIPS: chips made with … well … BEER!!!

The “Beer Wench jury” is still out on this concept. Whereas I love beer and I love chips, I am not sure how well the two would taste together. I wonder what style beer the chips are flavored with? I cannot help but assume the chips taste similar to one of the many corporate mass-produced,  urine-flavored “beers” made with a sub-par combination of corn, wheat and barley malt and virtually no hops. But, hey that is only an assumption. Either way, it seems to be a good marketing gimmick and has definitely gotten my attention.

The Beer Chips Story:

First Came Fire, Then the Hammer, Then the Wheel;
Today, We See the Dawning of Beer Chips®

Which came first – the potato chip or the beer to drink after eating it?

These babies are thick-cut kettle style chips with a serious coating of sugar and salt and to top it off, covered with a major dose of the world’s most perfect beverage…beer.

These guzzle worthy chips provide a common sense answer when the inevitable and life-altering munchies come along and your stomach has taken over the thinking process with the only words it knows is “Beer & Chips”.

By really thinking hard one afternoon, the inventor of Beer Chips® created this technical beer-o-vation breakthrough. Beer Chips® will be there for you to help you truly multi-task while you watch your favorite game or hang out with friends. A virtual party in your mouth delivered in a shiny golden amber bag.

The beer snack god is now in the house.

If anyone has a chance to sample these, send me a review!!! For now, I’ll stick to my Kettle and Terra chips!!!

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5 thoughts on “Beer Chips?

  • Zach

    A while ago Kettle had a cheddar and beer flavored chip on the market in OH a few years ago. It was an odd flavor that I found pleasant and Mary found disgusting. They were super malty and cheesy tasting with a scent of fermentation. The scent was very reminiscent of hay sillege or fermented chopped hay that’s fed to cows. Almost none of the bitter hoppy flavor was in those chips at all. I couldn’t stop eating them long enough to pass judgement on them

    My current favorite chip is the Kettle brand buffalo blue chip that tastes like buffalo wings and blue cheese, although the Thai flavored one is a close second.

  • holly may

    they still have those cheddar beer chips actually. and honestly i love them :) they are one of my favourite chips on the market.

    all in all, each flavour of kettle chips is amazing though