Please Put Down The Budweiser 24

It is time to leave the dark side of corporate beer.

Listen, I understand [more than most] that the economy sucks.


Like most of the world, I cannot afford to squander my money. Heck, I don’t get a paycheck. My income is solely based on tips. I live week to week … if not day to day.

I find myself struggling to afford the luxuries I used to take for granted when the economy was stronger [and my income was more stable].


Anyone who has ever visited my “man cave” can attest that The Wench lives a very “modest” lifestyle. True story: I do not have any furniture of my own. The only electronic devices I own are a laptop, iPhone, iPod and digital camera. I own ONE piece of REAL jewelry … my gold class ring from The Ohio State University. I don’t have a collection of designer handbags or shoes.

I do have designer eyeglasses, however. I rationalize having them because they are an essential part of my “brand.”

The Beer Wench

Obviously, I am not materialistic. Even if I had the money, I highly doubt that I would make superficial and superfluous purchases. It is not in my blood.

Although I have cut back tremendously on spending my hard-earned money, I have not stopped entirely. Most of my money is spent on the “finer things in life.”

Food. Wine. Beer. Travel.

Without these key components, my life would cease to exist.


And even though I am on a tight budget, I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to spend my money on cheap, mass-produced, super low quality beer. I work hard for my money. And I will not waste it on worthless products.

Why not?

  • I try not to support corporations that contribute to globalization and and world poverty.
  • To me, quality is more important than quantity.
  • I value my palate. And respect  my body. I will not subject my taste buds to bad beer.
  • I believe in supporting the “small guy.” I want my dollar to matter. Corporate breweries brew beer strictly for profit. Craft breweries brew beer in the name of love.

BOTTOM LINE: I am a beer brat. A beer geek. A beer connoisseur. And I hate corporate beer. I think it tastes like shit. It is uncreative, uninspiring … and flavorless. Period. End of story.


Yes, I am strongly opinated on this issue. I refuse to drink corporate, regardless of how inexpensive it is. The value is NOT there. It is not worth it.

I also realize that this post may rub some people the wrong way, which is fine. My target audience is not the everyday Bud drinker.

Sam Caglione makes a really strong arguement about market share in his book “Brewing Up A Business.” He was criticized for his off-centered style of beer making and told that he would never be able to compete with any of the big dogs. Sam’s response? He was not interested in stealing market share from the corporate breweries. As with my blog, Dogfish Head is not focused on appealing to corporate beer drinkers.


(The Beer Wench: An Off-centered Blog for Off-centered People) Sorry Dogfish Head, I just couldn’t resist.

Although I am not targeting my blog towards corporate beer drinkers, I am not opposed to “recruiting” people from the dark side. In my opinion, the biggest barrier to people drinking craft beers is lack of information and education about the industry. In this economy, people cannot afford to gamble on the unknown. They are afraid to take risks. Lack of confidence in choice usually results in the failure to make a choice (also known as choice paralyzation).

How does one break through the barrier of choice paralyzation? Through education! And the ultimate source of information is peers … and the ultimate tool for exchanging information with peers is Social Media.

Enter The Wench. I may not be a beer afficianado, but I am passionate about it. There is no monetary incentive for me to tell people to drink craft beer. And I will be the first person to admit when I do not like a certain beer – even if it’s made by one of my favorite breweries. TRUST is extremely important to me. I promise to always be honest with my readers, regardless of the repercussions.


My palate is not the end all be all. I can say with utmost confidence that a good number of people will not enjoy the styles of beer that I love the most.  WHICH IS FINE, because I am not going to make people like the beers that I like. HOWEVER, I will do my best to help people find a [craft] beer that they will like.

I love playing beer Yenta.

Let The Wench help you find your perfect beer.

Please put down the Budweiser. Cheers!

About The Beer Wench

Ashley is a self-proclaimed craft beer evangelist & social media maven on a mission to advance the craft beer industry through education, inspiration and advocacy. She is currently the “Director of Awesomeness” at Bison Brewing in Berkeley, CA — where her responsibilities include everything from marketing, sales, PR, social media & events. Ashley is also a freelance consultant and professional speaker on the subjects of social media, beer mixology, food & beverage pairings. She is the founder of & as well as a regular contributor to

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24 thoughts on “Please Put Down The Budweiser

  • Chad

    The Budweiser in Ireland was actually drinkable, when I lived there, but I think that Guinness made it for them…God help,Guinness. I heard they are closing down St. James Gate, and moving to a new, bigger facility in the near future. Probably the death of one of the last great “corporate” beers…..

    Where can I get Dogfish Head in Cali?….


  • Brew Hilda

    Same goes for the COORS Light drinkers- piss, diluted piss.
    So here’s your newest task, Wench.
    Find me a less caloric, tasty, crafted beer.
    My novice palate enjoys Killean’s Red and Sam Adams flavors.
    Also dig the blueberry ale from Gilded Otter in New Paltz, NY, when in season.
    Match Maker, Match maker, make me a match,
    Find me a find…

  • Chris

    Don’t forget another way to save money while drinking great handcrafted brew-homebrew! Learn more by contacting the American Homebrewers Association & find a AHA sanctioned homebrew club near you!

  • Andrew

    As an Anheuser-Busch employee I just can’t resist adding a comment to this discussion, because, well, it’s my job.

    The extremely tired argument between “good” beer and “corporate” beer (or “piss water”) is so played-out and tried it honestly unveils a thinly knowledgeable beer drinker. Let’s put it this way: All beer break into 2 styles – Ales and Lagers. Ales break into tons of styles and lagers break into tons of styles (like a family tree). American Lagers (or basically Pilsners) are a style. Budweiser is an American Lager/Pilsner. You’re not supposed to compare it with Pale Ales, Stouts, Saissons etc. That’s like comparing chicken with steak or white wine to red wine.

    As far as a consumer not liking it? That’s fine. Everybody’s taste buds are different. Just know that Budweiser is the best in the game with its style. And more expensive to make than almost all beers. True. Even Michael Jackson (renowned beer critic) called it one of the best pilsners ever created. Basically, it’s really not that easy to make. That’s why home brewers always make pale ales.

    Also, just about every beer is distributed by A-B, Miller or Coors in every town. So, whatever you end-up buying, it’s probably benefitting those evil corporations….which in turn subsidize money to the little brewers, which in turn allow them to grow, which in turn allow those distributors to push their product, which in turn allows the evil corporation to make a profit, which allows the little brewers to get more money. It’s a circle. And it’s not a bad one, either. Drink A-B products. We have over 200 of them.

  • wildyeast

    Well put, couldn’t agree more.It is pathetic the poor beer selection that is available in most establishments in this country.I to love educating and converting people to the many different flavors and styles of beer. Keep boldly going on your chosen path.

  • dale

    The key is to get someone to sample some craft beer and find the one that changes they’re entire beer paradigm. For me it was Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale.

  • Bo Carlson @kallardnyc


    My wife is not a big beer drinker, but when she did it was the same old shit. I had a growler of Dead Guy and let her try it. She liked it very much. I can see that being a brew that is an eye opener and not to extreme for someone to handle.

  • The Beer Wench

    Hey … MOM. Thanks for the comment. And yes, calories are a big issue when it comes to converting women over to beer, better and more full-bodied beer. This is a great idea for a blog post in the future … the misconceptions about beer and calories.

    Essentially, the “low calorie” and “low carb” beer craze is a result of great marketing.

    Now mom, I know you are a health nut and so you will understand the importance of “good calories” versus “bad calories.” Not all calories are created equal. I will speak more to this in the future.

  • The Beer Wench

    Andrew – I appreciate and respect your comments on my post. Yes, I am aware that all beer can be broken down into two styles: ales and lagers. I have been extremely honnest in several of my past blog posts about Lagers. Basically, I’m not a fan of them. I respect the style and there are a few that I find to be decent … but in general, I am an ale lover.

    I have said over and over again in almost every one of my beer reviews that my palate is not the end all be all. Beer is in the “palate of the beholder.” People don’t have to like what I like. But that won’t stop me from having opinions and expressing them to others. I don’t like Budweiser. And I know that by saying so, it is going to rub some people the wrong way. But it is what it is.

  • The Beer Wench

    Seriously … some people just need a little push. Us beer geeks need to help them take that first step. And often times, that is enough to convert them over!

  • W

    To Andrew-

    Thanks for your facts and opinions. Its always good to have someone who is biased from the other side give their opinion. Budweiser can be as good at that particular style as they want to be..better than anything else. It doesn’t matter how hard it is to make or how good it is in comparison with other similar styles. Its still uninspriring, watered down, and at best–AVERAGE. However, it is a helluva lot better than all other coporate beers. Budweiser is the cheapest, most average beer that I can tolerate. You can spout off all you want about the circle and the big corporate companies aiding the small breweries, distributors, etc..but until they own and operarate DFH, Stone, Bell’s, Great Divide, Weyerbacher, etc, etc, etc…then you are preaching to the wrong crowd. All of the subsidiary companies owned by A-B are again, average at best. I’m a huge Ale lover..especially IPAs and Longhammer is as bad as it gets for me. Maybe the green flash ipa or sierra nevadas old ipa are as bad. I choose to go to places in town that serve craft brewed beer..regardless of style or where it came from. The bars/restaurants that just have your generic taps(stella, budweiser, bud light, longhammer or the american ale, etc etc) just turn me off and I try to avoid them. Your claim about A-B helping out all of the other small brewers sounds eerily similar to the Big Gov’t that we are living with today.

  • Bo Carlson @kallardnyc


    I can understand that you do not want to compare Ales to Lagers, like Apples to Oranges. How about these Apples? Lagers like Legend and Millstream? Small craft Lagers that mop the floor with and Lager AB can put out.

    And as for bringing up Michael Jackson, well, I do not drink a wine because Robert Parker or Jay Miller says it is the best.

    Please do not take offense to posts like Ashley’s. Your beer is sub-par on the discerning palate. At least you can always fall back on your sales numbers. You got them there!

  • kevin keith

    To steal the ad line from the corporate beast you lead us from, “…you said it all.” Budweiser is to “beer” what white zin is to wine. It’s not really either. They shouldn’t even call it beer, not with all the other crap it’s made with – it should be malt beverage and marketed right alongside the Colt 45 and Old English 800. Keep preachin’ the gospel according to the Wench!

  • 1WineDude

    I played a duo band gig at Victory Brewery yesterday, and this post reminded me of the emotions I felt when sipping Baltic Thunder on tap and wondering how anyone could *ever* drink “beer” like Bud…

  • german

    Hello, in defense to Andrew who is absolutely getting ripped to shreds I am an avid and thirdty and curious beer drinker. I prefer ale but lagers are great too. Honestly I’ve had tons of beers from fin du monde, boddingtons pub ale, newcastle, guinness, dogfish head blueberry, etc. But I’ve also had the heineken’s coronas polar they are just a cheap sub for when you just gotta have a beer. I’m a beer lover conneausier (sp?) Enthusiast, I love great beer and always hated budweiser… Until yesterday coincidentally when I had my first budweiser. It honestly wasn’t that bad. Then again I mean it isn’t as bad as olde english, colt 45, or natural ice. Budweiser is drinkable, yeah I love craft beers and I root for the little guy but here in miami where microbrews are almost nonexistant a budweiser is fine. Maybe I just love beer in general and can respect all of them. Don’t be snooty drink a bud and chill out. Its a beer for a hot day mowing the lawn, or kicking back fishing. Give it a shot cuz… It aint that bad lol. Tastes like watered down beer but screw it its better than nothing

  • The Beer Wench

    German – Sorry, but I cannot agree with you. Budweiser is NOT better than nothing. I would rather not drink than drink something from that company. I appreciate your opinion, however, I have a different one. To each their own, right? Cheers!