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I am constantly plagued by others questioning the direction and goals of my blog (and of my life). Most people want to know why I write it and what I want to do with it.


I originally started The Beer Wench blog as a way for me to learn more about beer. Past experiences have shown me that I learn best when teaching and coaching others.  By taking on the role of “beer educator,” I was hoping to become more knowledgeable about beer.

At first, my focus was on sharing relevant and interesting beer knowledge, suggestions, and experiences with the rest of the online beer loving community. After awhile, events became an important component to the blog. And now, all of my experience and research has given me enough confidence to start posting reviews and tasting notes.


The Beer Wench blog (and brand) has only been existent for a little over one year. And in that year, the blog and The Wench have both experienced tremendous growth and maturity.

As with my wine studies (I am very close to becoming a Certified Wine Specialist), my beer studies are mostly self-guided. And thus far, it seems to be working fairly well. BUT there is one thing that reading books and articles on the Internet cannot give me. And this is hands on experience in a brewery.


Sure … I have taken several tours of breweries. I’ve read books and articles written by brewers. I have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to make beer.

Unfortunately, homebrewing is not feasible for me at this time. I would if I could, but current circumstances prevent me from being able to do it.

This brings me to the “wenchternship” idea.

I am looking for an opportunity to “intern” with a brewery. I want to learn everything about operating a brewery and making beer – from a hands on perspective. I want to learn about the process – from start to finish (from farm to table). I want to learn about the different methods and techniques for brewing. I want to learn about the machinery. I want to learn about the tasting process., the distrution process, the sales and marketing process, etc. I want to travel to beer festivals and ompetitions. I want to touch every aspect of the business.


AND on top of that all, I want to document my “beer adventure” on my blog.

Lucky for me, I am still young (a ripe 25 – almost 26 years old). I have virtually no “responsibilities” in life (i.e. no children, no mortgage, no pets …) My personal expenses are relatively low (I have very few bills). I am at a perfect point in my life to travel and experience as much as I can – and that is my plan.


And so let my search for an internship begin.

Spread the word! The Beer Wench wants to get her hands dirty! (Interested parties, please contact me at anytime via email: 


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