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It might seem a bit early to start this, but after the success of last year’s 20 Most Eligible Bachelors of Craft Beer, and knowing how much time it took to compile the list, select the panel of judges, determine the top nominees, open the voting, and then collect and present the results — I think it quite appropriate to start R & D for the 2012 list at this time.

Anyone can submit a nomination. Because the competition is stiff, we are asking that when and if people submit nominations, they give us as much information on the nominees as they can, including photos and brewery bios if possible. Nominations will be accepted from the comment section on this site, tweets to @TheBeerWench, Facebook comments, emails to, phone calls, texts… heck, just about any communication outlet works.

Now, for the criteria!


The basic, bare minimum qualifications are as follows:

  1. Must work for a craft brewery (all positions considered)

  2. Must NOT be married (all other relationship statuses accepted)

Appearance, although a factor, is not the most important measure in this competition. Even Miss America is required to have a talent and prove that she contributes value to the greater good of the world (World Peace FTW!).

All men being considered will be individually judged (and ultimately, scored) on the following three measures:

1. Industry Talent: Although many of the men excel at other hobbies, this measure strictly speaks to the “industry impact” that these individuals have made. This can be evidenced by number of medals won, books written, movements started etc… The main question is: are they important and relevant in the craft beer industry? And how important and relevant are they?

2. Personality: Let’s face it, brewers (although adorable in their awkwardness) are not known for being social butterflies. In fact, most are extremely socially awkward and truthfully, some are complete pricks. However, a select few stand out from the crowd. These are the speakers that can steal a room, the men that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, the men that draw you like a moth to the flame.

3. Appearance: Being in the beer industry is less than glamorous, and those who make it look glamorous deserve a little bit of credit. Drinking beer for a living can adversely affect one’s health and physical fitness. But there are some men who have gone above and beyond to ensure that they keep their beach-ready physique. And well, then there are those that are just adorable in their own awkwardly geeky ways.

Lastly, we are also in the process of assembling the executive board of judges. If interested, please contact me:

About The Beer Wench

Ashley is a self-proclaimed craft beer evangelist & social media maven on a mission to advance the craft beer industry through education, inspiration and advocacy. She is currently the “Director of Awesomeness” at Bison Brewing in Berkeley, CA — where her responsibilities include everything from marketing, sales, PR, social media & events. Ashley is also a freelance consultant and professional speaker on the subjects of social media, beer mixology, food & beverage pairings. She is the founder of & as well as a regular contributor to

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