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My moment has come! For some time now, I have been envious of my wine blogger friends whom have had samples and swag sent to them from peeps in the industry. Now let me clear something up first: I am not envious because of the “free” part. I am MORE THAN willing to pay for the beers I drink. I WANT my dollar to support the little guys (the craft brewers, the monks … you get it).

The part that makes me envious is that when people are sent free samples it is usually because someone out there respects the blog and recognizes the credibility of the blogger. Bottom line: the blog is being read or at least acknowledged by the industry!

And of course there is the PR element of sending samples. I understand that the blogging world has experienced some sincere criticism lately about blogger ethics and all that jazz. BUT here is my philosophy: If someone is taking the time and resources to read my blog, contact me and then mail me free product – out of respect for this person, the least I can do is write a blog about said product.

The ethics kick in here, though. I will only write honest reviews! Keeping this in mind, also understand that my blogs are purely subjective. My palate is my palate and my nose is my nose. My words are not the end all be all!


OKAY … so TECH-NIC-ALY my first “free swag” experience was not actually with beer. However, there is beer in the product as well as the name – so for me that is just as good if not better!

I was recently contacted by the brilliant mind behind Beer Chips – Brett Stern  – in response the the blog I had written about Beer Chips back in July. He offered to send me a sample and of course I accepted. I was delightfully surprised to receive not only two FULL-SIZED bags of Beer Chips … but full-size samples of their other two flavors – Margarita and Bloody Mary – as well as a T-Shirt! ROCK ON!

Beer Chips LLC. has a great idea … great marketing … witty copy … an awesome interactive website. But what about the product?

The mixing of two items that are already fantastic on there own can be a risky move. Sometimes the yielded product is fabulous. For example: Bacon is amazing. Chocolate is freaking amazing. Mixing chocolate and bacon? Vosges Haut Chocolat took this risk – and the result was ridiculously orgasmic!

Then there are the combinations that flop. For me, this was the Jose Cuervo filled chocolates (my father bought them for my mother once and they were ABSOLUTELY HEINOUS!) Tequila = good. Chocolate = good. Tequila + Chocolate = Heinous.

And now we have BeerChips. Beer = the most amazing thing in the world. Chips = delicious salty treat that COMPLIMENTS beer well. But what about Beer + Chips???

My verdict?

These are some pretty tasty kettle-style chips!!! The coating of sugar and salt is very balanced and the chips are moderately thick and crunchy! “A virtual party in your mouth delivered in a shiny golden amber bag.”

Unfortunately, I do not detect the beer flavor in the chips (and trust me I ate almost the whole bag already!) BUT, beer flavor or not – BeerChips would make an excellent pairing with many beer styles. And on that note, I think I will pop open a Bell’s Two-Hearted and polish off the rest of the bag right now! CHEERS!


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