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7 thoughts on “The Beer Wench Needs Logo

  • Brew Hilda

    I love the frames, you’ve got a great white-toothed grin, how about a more reflective look while sipping a foamy head and leaving a reminant on your upper lip. . . “Got Beer?”

  • SpockTheDog

    I think that what you have is pretty good as it is, except you look surprised and kind of scared. Beer should make you happy looking! You should mimic my Avatar, after all, I have a “nose” for beer. Or- if you want to use my tail, I’ll take a picture of it wagging while I am thinking about beer! Hope that I can help!

    ps- I’ll be more than happy to be the taste tester of the beer flavored bones….

  • Brews Travelers

    I think that your logo looks good.
    We used Elance.com and submitted a proposal. We eventually went with a guy from Michigan that was in Beer Country. (It just felt right.) We found him to be very reasonably priced and he gave us many formats and a few different colors.

  • Kevin S.

    I’ve got an idea or two. If you’re not in a terrible rush, I think I can have something for you in a week or two. My issue is I still do my artwork on cave walls with charcoal from the fire, and my scanner is down, but something popped into my head immediately. Will have to head over to the inlaws and scan when I’m done.