UPDATED 2010 Beer Bloggers Conference Confirmed Attendee List 29

Everyone keeps asking me if there is a list of attendees for the Inaugural Beer Bloggers Conference. The event organizers have given me the go-ahead to post the list of current registries. Note: this list is continuously updating. For ease of use, the updated bloggers will be highlighted in RED!

Allan Wright – Zephyr Adventures www.ZephyrAdventures.com
Reno Walsh — Zephyr Adventures    www.ZephyrAdventures.com
Ashley Routson — Drink With the Wench    drinkwiththewench.com
Gerard Walen — Road Trips for Beer    www.roadtripsforbeer.com
E.T. Crowe — Wolverine State Brewing Co.    www.wolverinebeer.com
Ryan Conklin — Denver Bartender Examiner    www.examiner.com/x-28228-Denver-Bartender-Examiner
Lucy Saunders — Best of American Beer and Food    www.bestofamericanbeerandfood.com
Peter Kennedy — Simply Beer    www.simplybeer.com
John Holl — The Beer Briefing    www.beernexus.com
Tamre Mullins — Girls’ Pint Out    www.girlspintout.com
Jennifer Litz — Girls’ Pint Out    www.girlspintout.com
Kerry Finsand — Taplister    www.taplister.com
Bob Mack — World Class Beverages    http://worldclassbeverages.wordpress.com/
Anne Fitten Glenn — Brewgasm    www.brewgasm.com
Angelo de Ieso – Brewpublic    www.brewpublic.com
Margaret Lut — Brewpublic    www.brewpublic.com
Sean Inman — Beer Search Party    www.beersearchparty.com
Sanjiv Gajiwala — Blue Ribbon Blog    www.blog.pabstblueribbon.com
Dan Fisher (Dan on Tap) — Life on Tap    www.lifeontap.net
Dale Miskimins — sodakbeer    http://sodakbeer.com
Billy Broas — BillyBrew    http://billybrew.com
PJ Hoberman — Starting a Brewery    www.startingabrewery.wordpress.com
James Marks — Columbus Beer Guys    http://columbusbeerguys.wordpress.com/
Ronnie Crocker — Beer, TX    http://blogs.chron.com/beertx
Carla Gesell-Streeter — Hoperatives    www.hoperatives.com
Tom Streeter — Hoperatives    www.hoperatives.com
Alexis Fritzsche – Ale Babe    www.alebabe.com
Rick Hagerbaumer — Big Foamy Head    www.bigfoamyhead.com
Carlos Swinney — Mendocino Brewing Co.    www.mendobrew.com
Jason Fellon — Beer Cruiser    www.beercruiser.net
Sara Wade – Monarch Beverage    www.monarch-beverage.com
Julia Herz — Craft Beer Muses    www.craftbeer.com
Alison McGee —  From This Pint On    www.fromthispinton.com
Andy Dunfee – Hippo Lane    www.hippolane.org
David Jensen — Beer 47    www.beer47.com
Jennie Chen — MisoHungry    http://misohungrynow.blogspot.com
John Knox — MisoHungry    http://misohungrynow.blogspot.com
J.R. Woolsey — Consultant
Mark Jackson – Simply Beer    www.simplybeer.com
Zach Rosen — Santa Barbara Craft Beer    http://www.examiner.com/x-32901-Santa-Barbara-Craft-Beer-Examiner
Dustin & Libby — Beer 2 Buds http://www.beer2buds.com
Jenn Prosser  – Jenn and Beer    www.jennandbeer.com @jennandbeer
Jonathan Shikes —  Beer Man at Westword Mag    http://blogs.westword.com/cafesociety/beer_man/
Greg Koch  — Stone Brewing    www.stonebrewing.com
Jacob McKean – Stone Brewing    www.stonebrewing.com
Lauren Polinsky  – Durham Craft Beer Examiner    http://www.examiner.com/x-53634-Durham-Craft-Beer-Examiner
Cathy Clark —  Brewtiful www.brewtiful.com
Jim Pavlik —  Central State Asylum www.csasylum.wordpress.com
Jessica Daynor —   Draft Magazine www.draftmag.com
Ryan Ross —   Karl Strauss Brewing Company www.karlstrauss.com
Jay Brooks — Brookston Beer Bulletin www.brookstonbeerbulletin.com
Ian Cowpar — 2 Beer Guys http://www.2beerguys.com
Sean Jansen – 2 Beer Guys http://www.2beerguys.com
Ryan Jansen – Beer Guys http://www.2beerguys.com

Chuck Noll — World Class Beverages Arizona http://az.worldclassbeverages.com/
Jennifer Morrison —  Ales for All http://alesforall.blogspot.com
Willis F Jackson III – Mashtun Technologies www.mashtunbeer.com
Mike Besser — BrewDad www.brewdad.com
Steven Ward — Nova Beer Fly http://novabeerfly.wordpress.com
Doug Brumley — Fledgling Brewer http://www.fledglingbrewer.com/
Tiffany Adamowski – 99 bottles http://www.99bottles.net/blog
Jay Rascoe — Guns and Tacos www.gunsandtacos.com
Kami Marquardt — Great Lakes Brewing www.greatlakesbrewing.com
Lauren Boveington — Great Lakes Brewing www.greatlakesbrewing.com
Dionne Cocktail Diva
Mariah Calagione
— Dogfish Head Craft Brewery www.dogfish.com
Sebbie Buhler — Rogue Ales www.rogue.com

Kyle Freeman — Jenn and Beer www.jennandbeer.com
Michael Bussmann — New Belgium Brewing www.newbelgium.com
Owen McCuen — Ferment Nation www.fermentnation.com
Greg Krsak — KSW Beer www.kswbeer.com
Ilya Feynberg — Damn That’s Good Beer! www.damnthatsgoodbeer.com
Jay Wilson — Brewvana www.brewvana.wordpress.com
Tom Wilmes — Boulder Daily Camera www.dailycamera.com
Nate Fochtman — The Beer Ace www.thebeerace.com
Josie Finsand — Taplister www.taplister.com
Tom Wilmes — Boulder Daily Camera www.dailycamera.com
Ryan Murphy
— The Daily Pint www.dailypint.wordpress.com
Rick Andrews —  Ales from the Crypt http://alesfromthecrypt.blogspot.com
Stephanie Jerzy — Drinks for the House http://drinksforthehouse.blogspot.com
Will Blankenship — Colorado Beer & Food www.cobeerandfood.com
Erik Boles –Beer Tap TV www.beertaptv.com

Eli Shayotovich — Beer Tap TV www.beertaptv.com
Stephen Johnson — New Brew Thursday www.newbrewthursday.com
Patricia Shepherd
Dan Weitz – Boulder Beer www.boulderbeer.com
Sean McNeal – Wayward Productions
Chad Melis — Oskar Blues www.oskarblues.com
Travis Poling — Beer Across Texas http://beeracrosstexas.com

Mark Drudge — Pencil and Spoon http://pencilandspoon.blogspot.com/
Adrienne Rinaldi — BeerSnobChick www.beersnobchick.com
Meghan Storey — CraftBeer.com www.craftbeer.com
Zander Hartung — The Beer Ace www.thebeerace.com
Jeff Bull — He-Brew Men’s Brewing Society www.hebrewbrewing.com
Nancy Maddaloni — Great Brewers www.greatbrewers.com
Reggie Currie — Cheers for Beers www.cheersforbeers.com
Carol Dekkers — Microbrews USA www.microbrewsusa.wordpress.com
Jake Koeneman —  iBrewToo www.ibrewtoo.com
Carla Companion — The Beer Babe www.thebeerbabe.com
Lisa Mallen — Zephyr Adventures www.ZephyrAdventures.com
Wendy Littlefield — Belgian Experts www.belgianexpertsblog.com
Sanjay Reddy —  Not So Professional Beer Blog www.notsoprobeer.com

Julian Green –  MillerCoors www.millercoors.com
Jeff Bowles — Huck Fin’s Beer Buzz http://huckfinsbeerbuzz.com
Renée DeLuca — The Brewer’s Daughter www.brewersdaughter.com/
Dustin Romero — Widmer Brothers Brewing www.widmer.com
Candace Lacy – NC Beer Wench
Hagan Blount — Wandering Foodie http://wanderingfoodie.com
Erik Peterson —  Bull and Bush www.bullandbush.com
Jen Cadmus — Bull and Bush www.bullandbush.com
Mike Laur – Beer Drinkers Guide to Colorado www.beerdrinkersguidetocolorado.com
Danielle Quatrochi — New Planet Beer www.newplanetbeer.com


And then there is my ongoing Twitter list. I will do my best to update this list as much as possible. If you are registered and would like to have your name added to the list, leave a comment on this post and I will get you on it ASAP.

Twitter list to follow: TWITTER LIST


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