Modern Times Beer Finds Home in Lomaland

A little over a year ago, fellow social media addict maven and friend, Jacob McKean, left one of the most envy-worthy jobs in the craft beer industry to do what many of us dream about doing, but few can actually do — open his own brewery.

Quite possibly the biggest challenge in starting a brewery, outside of raising capital, is finding a location for the brewery. One can develop recipes and marketing materials all day, but without a licensed production facility, brewery operations cannot happen. Alas, a brewery-less brewer makes for very salty, tear-stained beers.

But, the founder of Modern Times Beer is far from crying in his beer. Just this morning, Jacob made the exciting announcement that he has found his dream location and a lease has been signed. Woot!

The story behind Modern Times Beer’s new building location is just as interesting as its choice in name — a story I hope to tell via interview with Jacob in the near future. Modern Times Beer takes its name from a 19th Century utopian community on Long Island, NY — which is why its location is so serendipitous.

“The building, quite by chance, is located in an appropo location: Point Loma. You see, way back in the late 19th Century, Point Loma was more or less unihabited, until a group of eccentric communitarians moved in and established Lomaland, a “Theosophical” utopian community that is now Point Loma Nazarene University,” notes Jacob McKean, Modern Times Beer CEO & founder.

The build is 12,540 sq. feet with tall celings, 24 ft at the sides and 29 feet at the middle, and easy to access big roll up doors — everything a sure-to-be-successful brewery could ever want. And if that wasn’t sweet enough, the building is centrally located in the heart of San Diego, an easy exit of the 8 and bikeable from Ocean Beach.

Sadly, for all of us desperate to get our grimy little paws on his delicious ales, we still must wait for silly things like construction to occur. “It will be awhile before you can grab a beer at the Lomaland Fermentorium; probably 6-8 months, at least. But, we hope to begin construction as soon as possible and eventually host a fantastic tasting room,” says Jacob. Oh woe is me.

But, I shall patiently await the day when the extra special grand opening invitation crosses my desk :) Hint, hint! Until then, I encourage you stalk Modern Times Beer online! Check out the blog, follow @ModernTimesBeer on Twitter, and become a fan on Facebook.

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