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Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA: The Holy Grail For Hopheads 9

Okay Kids. It is time to get serious. REAL serious. There comes a time in every hophead’s life where the hops cravings become insatiable. Regular IPAs start to taste like light lagers. Double IPAs, Imperial IPAs and Barleywines start to loose their “oomph.” This insane phenomenon seems to occur about every 4 months throughout the […]



A enormous THANK YOU goes out to everyone involved in the Surly Girl Beer Tasting With The Wench this past Sunday June 8th. The event had a surprisingly huge turnout and I was able to meet a lot of new beer lovers, beer geeks and hopheads. I was EXTREMELY impressed by Surly Girl Saloon‘s hospitality […]

Green Flash Brewing Co. 1

A friend and fellow beer geek has recently passed on some rather valuable information. Green Flash Brewing Company will be available in Ohio by the end of this week! I absolutely adore the marketing this brewery does. It is right in line will the marketing done in the craft beer industry — sophisticated humor, originality […]