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  • Victory VIP Tour

    Victory VIP Tour

    Recently, I made the bold decision to completely uproot my life and embark on an entirely new adventure. I quit my job without the prospect of another one. I forfeited my lease with my old landlord (which unfortunately cost me a PRETTY penny). I gave away everything I owned that would not fit into my [...]

  • Theobroma Update!

    Theobroma Update!

    For those of you who are unaware, The Beer Wench is currently in transition – moving from Columbus, OH to Orlando, FL. At this moment, I am sitting in a hotel room in Florence, SC. The first two days of my travels were extremely exciting! I went on a VIP tour of Victory Brewing Company [...]

  • Victory HopDevil Ale

    Victory HopDevil Ale

    In celebration of my inaugural blog, I decided to go out an try a new beer. For those of you who are interested in sampling a different beer, but are hesitant to invest in a whole six pack, World Market has an excellent selection of “buy by the bottle” beers. After scanning through the various [...]