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Lil’ Routson’s New Belgium 1554 Black Beer Bread 10

And… SHE’S BACK! Despite the fact that my younger, more beautiful and talented sister rarely, if ever, consumes alcohol… every once in awhile she redeems herself with moments like these. The gist is such: my baby sis is currently attending the University of Texas, where she is getting her PhD in Mechanical Engineering (and no […]

beer bread

jk pint

Jester King Craft Brewery Opens in Austin: A Field Report From Lil’ Routson 4

This post is a little late, so I apologize to both my sister and Jester King Craft  Brewery. But regardless, better late than never. Right? I’m really excited to have a “guest” writer on my site for this post. And I am particularly excited because this writer is also my younger (only) sister. The most […]