Awesome (and Important!) Articles to Read on #IPADay! 2

Happy 2nd Annual IPA Day!!

In honor of today’s beeralicious celebration of one of craft beer’s most iconic and beloved styles, the India Pale Ale, I would like to feature a list of awesome (and very important) articles to read today.


Mythbusting the IPA

[Source: All About Beer Magazine, Author: Pete Brown] — Most people would call it crazy, but the crazies call it ‘living archeology’: if material remains of our past no longer exist, we have to recreate past times as best we can in order to figure out the truth of how people lived back then. It drives some to live as bronze-age villagers, others to dress up as Roman legionnaires and go ten rounds with Gaulish barbarians. It drove me to recreate the greatest journey beer has ever made, an 18,000 mile sea journey that hasn’t existed for 140 years. (read more)


The Truth About the Origins of IPA

[Source: Beer Connoisseur Magazine, Author: Martyn Cornell] – Because of its popularity, most craft drinkers know – or think they know – how IPA began. To quote one version of the popular history of the style: “Back in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, England held a large colonial presence in India. The soldiers, sailors and civilians had a huge appetite for beer. Trouble was, the voyage to India was long, and by the time the ship made it there the traditional beers had spoiled. Even when they didn’t, the dark porters that were popular at the time weren’t quite the ticket in the hot climate of India. (read more)


The Ever-Emerging Sub-Categories of IPA

[Source:, Author: Ashley V Routson] – In a world were innovation only breeds innovation, it’s natural that craft beer, an industry born from ingenuity, is ever-evolving. Today, there are no laws that dictate how beer must be brewed, and the creative ability of craft brewers is seemingly unlimited—as evidenced by the boundless flavor combinations being brewed. Older styles are continuously being manipulated to create newer styles and sub-categories. As a result, style guidelines and categories are constantly changing to keep up with evolution of craft brewing. (read more)


Cascadian Dark Ale: A Rose By Anything Other Name

[Source:, Author: Matt Van Wyk] — Lately there has been much fuss over a new—or is it old—beer style and what it should be called.  The style I’m referring to is known by three different names; Black IPA, India Black Ale (IBA), or Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA). In short, it is a dark hoppy beer. But in truth, it is so much more. So the questions remain; what do we name it, who made it first, and what defines the style? And, do any of these details even matter? (read more)


In Defense of Language: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Black IPA

[Source:, Author: Greg Koch] – If you know anything about me, this should come as no surprise. You see, I’m kind of a stickler about names, and I can stay silent no longer. There’s been some controversy over what to call an IPA that is black. Hmmm…Black IPA seems like a damn fine match if you ask me. But there are some who wish to confuse the issue by introducing other, more confusing names to the equation. (read more)


For the Love of Hops: The Birth of a New Style

[Source: All About Beer Magazine, Author: Stan Hieronymus] – Our mission on this last Thursday in September: To try every double (or imperial) IPA we can find at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Why? These are extreme beers that take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride as long and furious as, say, the Raptor at Cedar Point in Ohio. (read more)


“OMG Hops!” Today’s American-Style India Pale Ale

[Source:, Author: Kay Witkiewicz] – If German brewers are the masters of malt and Belgian brewers are the wizards of yeast, then American craft brewers are undoubtedly the kings of the hop. Despite its British colonial origins, no beer style is more closely associated with the U.S. than the India Pale Ale (IPA). To be even more specific, the West Coast—California, Oregon, and Washington—has long been the emerald beacon of hoppy beers, but this trend appears to be changing. (read more)


August and IPA Day

[Source: Brewer’s Association Blog, Author: Paul Gatza] – The crack staff of (and by crack I mean ready to crack a cold beer) is featuring IPA Day (#IPADay). IPA Day celebrations commence August 2nd. For more background on IPA Day, here is one muse.

India Pale Ales have vaulted in popularity over the last few years. IPAs even outsell all of the seasonal beers out there by dollars in SIG scan data. In the latest year-to-date data, IPAs are up 39.5% by volume–on top of 40% growth last year–and up 45.7% by retail dollars. (read more)


#IPADay: When Big Beer Takes Your Holidays, Make Your Own

[Source: Bagel Bites, Author: Emily Ragle] – The buzz around #IPADay reached a fever pitch yesterday, and while most tweeters were being good sports, reminiscing about their first IPA, sharing recipes, etc., every holiday must have its Scrooge, and the Bah-Humbug tweets have REALLY started to wear on me. The worst part? They’re coming from craft beer drinkers, industry members, and bloggers remarking that #IPADay and all holidays like it are “for the record, stupid.” (real more)


25 Must Try West Coast IPAs for International #IPADay

[Source:, Author: Angelo De Ieso] – With IPAs, harnessing the bold character of a heavy hop bill is an art and a science that is continually being understood as the modern palate continues to be redefined. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed with access to about 20-percent of the world’s hop supply, with varietals unlike any others grown abroad. Here’s a look at some wonderful IPAs from the West Coast available in bottles/cans that we think you’ll enjoy on this hoppy day. (read more)


Cooking & Mixing Cocktails with IPA

[Source: IPADay.Org, Author: Ashley V Routson] – A collection of IPA-based cooking recipes, beer cocktails and homebrew recipes from brewers, bloggers, bartenders and chefs. New recipes are constantly being featured, so keep checking back for more delicious ideas! (read more)


Pairing Lesson: Pale Ale, IPA, and Imperial IPA

[Source: Brew.Cook.Pair.Joy., Author: Steph Weber] – India pale ale (IPA) is a really wonderful style to pair with food. IPAs are assertively bitter, with prominent hop flavor and aroma.

IPAs are bold, and therefore require boldly-flavored foods. Grilled steak with a peppercorn spice rub paired with an IPA is a match made in heaven. And anything made with hot peppers works. When the bitterness of an IPA equals the intensity of the spices in the dish, you’re good to go. (read more)

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