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The Brilliant Mind Behind the Cicerone Certification Program: An Interview With Ray Daniels 9

(originally posted December 29, 2009) True story: The Wench has a tendency to get star struck. But the “celebrities” in my world are the typical “celebrities” for the rest of our society. Forget Brad Pitt, I am completely enamored with amazing chefs, fabulous winemakers, crazy brewers and the biggest beer geeks in the industry. If […]

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Cicerone Certified Beer Server 10

Anyone can call themselves an expert on beer. Heck, my personal business cards say Beer Connoisseur in lieu of having a “job title”. But what does that really mean? After all, it is a self-proclaimed title. It would be like calling myself a wine aficionado. Sure I know more about wine than your average person, […]