The Three Ring Circus: Menu Unveiled 1

Thirteen rare beers. Nine lavish course. Gourmet Popcorn. Circus Performers.

An Exclusive Beer Release.

Hosted by a trio of freakishly awesome breweries and the most famous beer chef in the world, The Three Ring Circus is THE place to be tonight. And here is why:


Gourmet Popcorn

Bacon fat popped organic popcorn seasoned with tomato powder, roasted garlic, hop salt and smoked in bourbon barrel wood

Black Truffle Oil Scented Popcorn with cooked in vegetable oil with roasted garlic salt flakes

Thyme Infused duck fat popcorn with Sonoma Vella Dry Jack shavings, green peppercorns


First Course

“The Mermaid”

Lobster and prawn mousse infused with Ninkasi Believer Double Red Ale, wrapped around petrale sole filets

Speak Easy White Lightning  Ale “Tide Sauce”, Ninkasi Little One Beer Foam, Speak Easy Prohibition Ale quinoa “sand”

Ninkasi Sterling Pils


Second Course

The Drumstick

Willie Bird Smoked Turkey legs rillettes layered with He’Brew Genesis 15:15, shallots, dried figs and thyme,

Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk cheese, malt pickled heirloom pumpkin, assorted crackers, breads and spiced nuts

Speak Easy Massacre Black Wheat Wine

Coney Island Geektoberfest


Third Course

“The Sword Swallower”

“Haute” Dogs infused with 4-H style Lamb, Speak Easy Scarface Imperial Stout, caramelized onions and rosemary

Ninkasi Renewale Porter Beer mustard, fennel carrot slaw, sweet roll

He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA


Fourth Course

Hopped Cotton Candy

Centennial hop scented sugar, wrapped around a cube of Sonoma foie gras terrine mixed with He’Brew Genesis

Speak Easy Big Daddy IPA


Fifth Course


Ground elk and duck heart patty, rendered dry aged beef fat

Brioche bun, house made He’Brew Genesis 15:15 beer ketchup, baby arugula, Speak Easy Payback Porter braised red onions

Ninkasi  Conventionale (2010 Imperial Stout)

Speak Easy Scarface Imperial Stout

He’Brew Genesis 15:15


Sixth Course


Point Reyes Blue cheese mixed into a Speak Easy Double Daddy savory churro,  roasted garlic powder

Ninkasi Total Domination IPA


Seventh Course

Three Ring Circus

Roasted red, gold and white baby beets, Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog crumbles, carbonated citrus segments, malt candied hazelnuts, micro greens

drizzled with a Three Ring Circus Collaboration vinaigrette

Speak Easy Prohibition Ale


Eighth Course

Funnel Cake

He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA infused batter with bergamot zest, Three Ring Circus Wort Honey Drizzle, Malted Powdered Sugar Dust, Ninkasi Sleigh’r Beer Caramel

Coney Island Albino Python

Ninth Course


The Non-Fried Non-Twinkie Cupcake

Ninkasi  Conventionale Imperial Stout Chocolate Cake, filled with a He’brew Jewbelation 15 mousse filling, Speak Easy Prohibition Frosting, THCO Cocoa Nibs, Caramel Malt

Speak Easy, Ninkasi, Shmaltz, Home Brew Chef Collaboration beer – Three Ring Circus


For only $120, including tax & gratuity, you can experience this elaborate and exclusive event. You know I’ll be there, with bells on (and maybe in costume). Make your reservations here:

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