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FTW: Goose Island 312 Can “Launch” Video 1

True story: I love discovering awesome things that involve beer. Some things are more awesome than others. And some things, are so awesome that they deserve a wench-approved FTW. Case and point: Goose Island’s latest viral video promoting the launch of 312 in cans. Now, before we get to the video, I must give credit […]

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Epic Week For The Beer Wench 5

In my life, there are good days and there are bad days. There are good weeks and there are really really bad weeks. This week has completely rocked my world. Now, this post might sound like shameless self-promotion. Well, probably because it is. But that is besides the point. All week long, my mug has […]

Most Compelling BEER Personalities on TWITTER 31

Several bloggers and other internet sources have written posts about the “most influential” or “top” people to follow on Twitter — in specific topics of interest (such as food, wine, social media, etc…) However, everyone seems to be over looking the beer community. Pssshhhaw. How rude. Us beer geeks can be influential and important too, […]