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Farmer’s Market to Keg: Brewing Innovation at Goose Island’s Clybourn Pub

As an advocate of both craft beer and Slow Food, I really admire the mindful brewers who take “extra” steps to produce artisanal beers inspired by local ingredients. One such brewmaster is Jared Rouben of Goose Island’s Clybourn Pub in Chicago, IL (still a privately owned brewpub which was NOT included in the Goose Island […]

Photo: José M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune

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FTW: Goose Island 312 Can “Launch” Video 1

True story: I love discovering awesome things that involve beer. Some things are more awesome than others. And some things, are so awesome that they deserve a wench-approved FTW. Case and point: Goose Island’s latest viral video promoting the launch of 312 in cans. Now, before we get to the video, I must give credit […]

The Next Great American Brewer: A New Reality Series 17

I apologize to all the Jersey Shore and Housewives fans, but I lack interest in just about every single reality show produced these days. In fact, the only ones that I pay moderate attention to are the food competitions, and even that is few and far between (too much drama). Well, that was until now. […]



Epic #GABF Event Alert: Brewmaster + Top Chef Collaboration Beer Dinner 1

Date: Sseptember 29, 2011 Where: Cholon Bistro Time: 6pm for beer cocktails, 7pm dinner Cost: $125 In my world, nothing truly beats an amazing food & beer pairing. Well, there might be an exception or two, but I will leave that to your imagination. Food and beverage pairings, let alone food and beer pairings, are […]