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2013 New Year’s Beer Resolutions of the Craft Beer Industry 2

Curious about what beer-themed New Year’s resolutions some of your favorite brewers, writers and leaders in the craft beer industry are making in 2013? Well, wonder no more!



Sexist Marketing + Pink Beer: A New Reason to Hate Corporate Beer 24

Dear Molson Coors, I hate you. Sincerely, The Wench Frankly, I don’t even know where to begin. Two weeks ago, Molson Coors announced the release of a new line of beers specifically targeted towards women — a concept that not only angers and disgusts me, but is downright offensive. I first got wind of the […]

BEER WARS: The Female Edition 60

My entire life, I have been fighting the stereotypes against women. Now this post is by no means against all of you women respecting and women loving men. This is against the men that think that women and men are not, in fact, equal. That women are the weaker of the species. That our main […]




I’ve been known to get in long and exhausting debates with people about corporate America. Especially, when it comes to the beer industry. In fact, I recently endured a long-winded friendly argument with an individual in my local brewpub about Coors. In my opinion, there is never a time for Coors. I would rather drink […]

When Vanity Crosses The Line 6

WARNING: The nature of this post is extremely subjective and controversial. It happens all the time. Celebrities, corporate tycoons and big brands are constantly trying to put their names on EV-ER-Y-THING. If something is hot, trendy and selling like hotcakes — then you can expect many dark horses in the shadows just waiting to take […]