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De Proef Announces Van Twee & Witte Noire 1

Very few things get my pulse racing quite like new beer releases from my favorite breweries. Especially, when the beers are unorthodox and deviate from traditional beer style guidelines.  The more bizarre a beer, the faster my heart begins to beat. And don’t get me started on sours — wild yeast beers trigger spontaneous convulsions […]


ORVAL Trappist Ale 7

There are only 7 trappist breweries in the entire world. Only beer brewed at an abbey, under the watchful eye of the Cistercian monastic community living there, can rightfully use the strictly controlled name of “Trappiste”. Belgium is home to six of the breweries entitled to use the “Trappiste” name: Orval, Chimay, Rochefort, Westvleteren, Westmalle […]

Belgian Beer Bonanza 1

THE BEER WENCH AND BRISTOL BAR BRING YOU A BELGIAN BEER BONANZA COLUMBUS, OH June 9, 2008 – Bristol Bar has joined forces with local beer blogger, The Columbus Beer Wench, for an evening of Belgian beers and local pizza. Since February 2008, The Beer Wench has been hosting informal and formal beer tastings all […]