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Join Vanberg & DeWulf in a Coast to Coast Toast Nov. 15th!

On November 15, 2012 (King’s Day in Belgium), the best specialty beer-centric bars, restaurants, and stores across the nation (and beyond) will be joining in a Coast to Coast Toast to celebrate Vanberg & DeWulf’s birthday and the great state of craft and specialty beer culture in the US of A. Now, before we talk […]



Interview With ROB TOD Of Allagash 1

Back in the early 1990’s, the American craft beer scene was nothing like what it has evolved into today. The U.S. beer market was heavily dominated by corporate beers and imports. And although a few craft breweries (i.e.: Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada and Samuel Adams) were gaining national recognition, the craft beer “scene” was relatively […]

Cooking With Beer: Belgian Beer Mussels 3

Mussels are hands down one of my favorite things to eat. Humans have used mussels as food for thousands of years. Mussels are particularly popular in Belgium, the Netherlands and France — where they are consumed with french fries (“mosselen met friet” or “moules frites”) or bread. Depending on the source, mussel season is either considered to […]



De Proef Announces Van Twee & Witte Noire 1

Very few things get my pulse racing quite like new beer releases from my favorite breweries. Especially, when the beers are unorthodox and deviate from traditional beer style guidelines.  The more bizarre a beer, the faster my heart begins to beat. And don’t get me started on sours — wild yeast beers trigger spontaneous convulsions […]

Cantillon Gueze Fiesta 9

There is something that my readers should probably know about me. I am obsessed with Ohio State Football. Born and raised by an obsessive Ohio State alumni father, I was destined to become a Buckeye. And Buckeye I have become. I graduated in the Spring of 2005 with 2 bachelor degrees and varsity letters in […]

Avery Seasonals: KARMA 2

Avery Brewing Company (located in Boulder, CO) is one of my favorite American craft breweries … BY FAR! Avery’s Seasonal Maharajah IPA is one of my all time favorite IPA’s … a “staple” in The Beer Wench’s pantry! Avery also produces one the best barleywines that I have ever tasted – Hog Heaven. But that […]

Saison Season 3

“Saison” is the French word for season. It is also the name used for seasonally brewed Belgium farmhouse-stlye ales. The first saisons originated in in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. Historically saisons did not share identifiable characteristics to pin them down as a style, but were rather a group of refreshing summer ales. Each […]