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Beer Video: Abita’s “Culture on Tap” feat Dr. John 1

It’s always refreshing to see a beer advertisement that is dedicated to showcasing the culture of beer and its spectrum of styles (outside of the typical yellow fizzy mass-produced lagers you see on TV), rather than sell it through the objectification of women or the use of bad puns. Enter Abita Brewing Company‘s latest video […]

Abita Pint Glass

Dogfish Head Positive Contact Label

Dogfish Head Never Ceases to Amaze: Introducing Positive Contact 2

I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again. If there is any craft brewery responsible for my career path and my passion, love and obsession with craft beer — it is Dogfish Head. Midas Touch was the beer that officially converted me from a wine professional and beer hobbyist to a full-blown craft beer […]

The Next Great American Brewer: A New Reality Series 17

I apologize to all the Jersey Shore and Housewives fans, but I lack interest in just about every single reality show produced these days. In fact, the only ones that I pay moderate attention to are the food competitions, and even that is few and far between (too much drama). Well, that was until now. […]


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Valentine’s Day Beer Pairings 1

Those of your who follow me on Twitter are probably aware of my infatuation and preoccupation with Whole Foods Market. What can I say? As a daughter of an environmentalist and health food nut, I grew up supporting local agriculture and companies dedicated to producing ethical and healthy products. I was taught how to read […]

My Beer Theory: Official Video from the 2010 Beer Bloggers Conference 4

This past November, at the inaugural Beer Bloggers Conference in Boulder, Hagan Blount of “I Taste Your Beer” interviewed a slew of beer bloggers about their beer theories. After weeks of editing, the awesome viral video ready to launch. And yours truly is extremely excited to have been given the honor of being the first […]



The Beer Wench Featured on NEW BREW THURSDAY 4

I hate to play favorites in the blogosphere. I would love to use the analogy of “Mama Wench” and say that picking a favorite blogger is like picking a favorite child — I love each and every one of them in their own special ways. But that just sounds creepy. Especially since 1. I am […]

Interview With Sam Calagione 11

Those of you who live under a rock or on Mars may not be aware of my Dogfish Head obsession. Well have no fear, because I am more than happy to elaborate on it. In many ways, I attribute my passion for craft beers to Dogfish Head. Dogfish Head is indirectly responsible for my becoming a […]



ORVAL Vertical Tasting 6

Recently, I was given a rare opportunity to taste a vertical of ORVAL vintages. The 3 different vintages included: April 2009 –> 5 months old May 2007 –> 1 year nine months old October 2002 –> 7 years old The 7 year Orval was probably the “oldest” beer that I’ve tasted. I found it rather […]

Blue Palms Brewhouse Interview 3

Those of you (poor and unfortunate souls) that have made some sort of interaction with me — whether it be in real life or on Twitter — know that The Wench is head over heels in love with The Ohio State University. And I’m not the only beer geek with an Ohio State football obsession. […]



Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que Tour 3

At the end of August, a good friend and I embarked upon the cross country road trip of a lifetime. The road trip had multiple purposes — 1. it was my big move from Florida to California (my whole life actually fit into a Dodge Neon = ridiculous) 2. it was the preliminary launch of […]