Articles Posted December 2008

  • YoHo YoHo … A Pirate’s Life For Me

    YoHo YoHo … A Pirate’s Life For Me

    People have been intrigued and entertained by legends of pirates and buried treasure for centuries. After all, what is more seductive than tales of pillaging, plundering and debauchery on the high seas? Pirates have been around as long as people have used the oceans as trade routes. Instances of piracy have been documented all the […]

  • Birrificio del Ducato KRAMPUS

    Birrificio del Ducato KRAMPUS

    As fate would have it, I was introduced to Birrificio del Ducato Krampus on the evening December 5th. The reason that tasting this particular ale on that specific evening was so significant is because, according to German (and some Slavic) tradition, the Krampus (roving bands of demon-like characters) take to the streets to terrorize children, […]

  • Shameless Self Promotion

    Shameless Self Promotion

    Although read across the world, my blog isn’t exactly famous -YET. Until then, I thrive on press and props from other bloggers. (I have dreams of becoming the next Michael Jackson …  akaThe Beer Hunter … and “The Most Influential Beer Writer Ever”) Yeah, I could definitely be the female version of The Beer Hunter. […]

  • iPhone Beer Pad

    iPhone Beer Pad

    There is nothing worse than going to an amazing beer bar, drinking ridiculously extraordinary beers … and NOT being able to blog about it because intoxication and memory loss usually ensues consumption. In the past, I brought a notepad with tasting & rating sheets to bars. More often then not, the sheets got ruined and/or […]

  • Ground Control To Major Tom

    Ground Control To Major Tom

    One small step for man … one giant leap for beer? Where Japan lacks in brewing experience, it definitely makes up for in technology (and food eating contests). One of Japan’s major brewers, Sapporo Breweries, recently created a new beer using the crop of barley grown in a Russian laboratory on board the International Space […]