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Bistro Jeanty + The Beer Wench Announce Napa’s First Beer vs. Wine Dinner 2

Napa, CA – Wine dinners are plentiful in wine country. Beer dinners, on the other hand, rarely occur. And dinners with both beer and wine on the table are virtually non-existent. But not anymore. This December 8th at 6pm, Yountville’s Michelin star-awarded restaurant Bistro Jeanty will be presenting the first ever beer vs. wine dinner […]

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The French Laundry: An Unexpected Craft Beer Experience in Wine Country

For those of you that have been living under a rock this week and missed my writing debut on CraftBeer.Com, SHAME ON YOU! I was recently offered the opportunity to write a piece for the “Craft Beer Muse” section on CraftBeer.com. For some time now, craft beer has been fighting for a rightful spot on […]

Announcing The 2nd Annual Mutineer Magazine Red Carpet Tasting Event 1

Friends, prepare yourselves for the most epic party of the year. On Sunday May 23rd, Mutineer Magazine is hosting its 2nd Annual Red Carpet Tasting Event at Falcon Hollywood in Los Angeles. The guest lists consists of a star-studded roundup of over 350 fine beverage VIPs: including industry celebrities, winemakers, brewers, beverage bloggers, and more. […]

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Infiltrating the Wine Bloggers Conference 5

This weekend I traveled out to the heart of California’s wine country to attend The Wine Bloggers Conference. Sounds weird, right — since “technically“, I’m not a wine blogger (details, details). Last year, I missed the first ever Wine Bloggers Conference. This turned out to be extremely tragic and I vowed never again to miss […]

Sauvignon Blanc = India Pale Ale 11

The marks my first “official” post in Project No Man’s Land. The project will consist of a series of posts illustrating linear pairings between wine varietals and beer styles. Naturally, this project is entirely subjective and has absolutely no scientific foundation. Nonetheless, I have a lot of confidence in its purpose and I am tremendously […]

First Twitter Beer vs Wine Event RESULTS 7

Question: What happens when you get a phenomenal chef, a wine geek and a beer wench in the same house? Answer:An endless waterfall of yummy booze and ridiculously delicious food. Question: What happens when the aforementioned trio are as equally obsessed with Social Media and Twitter as they are food, wine and beer? Answer:A crazy virtual beer vs. […]

Columbus Foodcast Episode 7

Please pardon The Beer Wench while she does a little shameless self-promotion.I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be a regular guest correspondent on the Columbus Foodcast blog. (Some may remember that this blog got a mention in Episode 5.) My first official correspondence on the Columbus Foodcast has been released today. I […]