Articles Posted February 2009

  • Wench In Transition

    Wench In Transition

    Miss me? First and foremost, I must apologize to my recent inconsistency of posts and … well, lack of posts. The truth is that I am in transition. And quite honestly, I might be destined for a life of continuous transition. I often tell people that I am a gypsy. Why? I can survive and […]

  • My Sister Rocks!

    My Sister Rocks!

    My sister and I are polar opposites. My mother used to call us Yin and Yang. She thought that we each had a little bit of the other in each of us. She also said that our extreme personalities balanced each other out. _ She is an extreme introvert. I am an extreme extrovert. She […]

  • Beer Alternatives To Champagne

    Beer Alternatives To Champagne

    Tomorrow is Valentines Day, one of the most useless and overrated holidays that plagues society every year (in MY personal opinion). But then again, I am anti most holidays. Not too mention, I loathe romance. And the color pink. If you decide that you must partake in this “unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative & […]

  • Awesome Beer Quotes

    Awesome Beer Quotes

    For shits and giggles, I decided to compile a list of my personal favorite quotes relating to beer! Cheers! “Beer deserves to be treated as a civilized drink; it may even have been the cause of civilization.” -Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter “I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again: Beer is […]

  • Happy Birthday To The Beer Wench!

    Happy Birthday To The Beer Wench!

    Exactly one year ago today, (February 7, 2008) … The Beer Wench blog was born. More than just the blog was created on that most infamous date. The Beer Wench is more than just a blog about beer. It is my identity, my personality and my brand. The Beer Wench is not my alter ego. […]

  • Belzebuth Blond Ale

    Belzebuth Blond Ale

    True story: France isn’t really known for its beer. Gourmet cuisine? Yes. World-class wines? Yes. Art? Yes. Architecture? Yes. History? Yes. Beer? NO. However, Flanders IS known for beer. Not quite a country, Flanders is a geographical region consisting of parts of Belgium, France & the Netherlands. Today, the French region of Flanders lies in […]

  • Super Bowl = Beer + Wench

    Super Bowl = Beer + Wench

    Although I am completely obsessed with college athletics, I rarely ever get excited about professional sports. My bias most likely stems from personal experience competing in two different NCAA Division I sports. To me, amateur athletics retain a certain pureness that professional sports lack (feel free to fight me on this all you want). Regardless […]