Wench In Transition

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Wench In Transition

Published on February 27, 2009 with 7 Comments

Miss me?


First and foremost, I must apologize to my recent inconsistency of posts and … well, lack of posts.

The truth is that I am in transition. And quite honestly, I might be destined for a life of continuous transition.

I often tell people that I am a gypsy. Why? I can survive and flourish just about anywhere. This is because I am extremely driven and ambitious (and as some may argue … fairly intelligent). However, I cannot call any one place home … and as of yet, I can neither stay in one place nor hold one job (or a boyfriend …) for a pro-longed period of time.

What can I say? I am The Wench.


Some may criticize this way of living and preach that consistency and stability is important. While I agree that being consistent and stable is valuable, my personality is not conducive to either.

I am a Gemini. Whether or not you chose to agree with or believe in astrology, the attributes of a Gemini are dead on when it comes to describing my personality traits.


Here is a snap shot of a Gemini, via Stephanie Norris of PsychicsConnect.com:


Gemini Character Traits

The symbol for Gemini is the twins, which stand for the duality and changeability of this sign.

‘I THINK’ is the motto for Gemini. You’re intelligent, with a quick mind so you learn fast. You’re always studying something, because you’re curious about everything. Words trip off your tongue, in a quicksilver flow that makes you good at languages, marketing and anything that calls for the gift of the gab.

You can turn your hand to writing almost anything, whether a novel, play, speech or advertising copy. You like to know what’s going on, hence your penchant for gossip. You’re also witty and have a sense of mischief.

Variety is the spice of life for you – you like to be in two places at once and have more than one thing on the go.

Your nervous energy and restlessness can give you a reputation for being unreliable and a bit of a butterfly. You can also appear glib.

You are the communicators of the zodiac.


This past week I faced a situation required my immediate removal from the condo I was residing in temporarily. My week has been rather hectic, as a result. The storm has calmed and I am looking forward to a fresh start and a revamp in my life.


I intend on refocusing my writing as well as buckling down and becoming serious about my craft. After all, in order to become the female version of Michael Jackson, I need a lot more discipline.


Although I have not been blogging as much as I should, I definitely have been collecting my fair share of amazing beers. In fact, my life without beer fits into one car. My life with beer takes two. Half of my possessions in life is my beer. If there was any doubt about my obsession, I think that it can end here.


I do not have a bed. (The place I live in has provided me with one, though). I do not own any furniture. The only piece of “real jewelry” I own is a gold Ohio State class ring that my parents bought me for graduation. I don’t even own a freaking diamond! And I’m a chick!

I have a car, a laptop, an iPhone, an iPod, a camera, a bike, a set and a half of golf clubs, hockey skates, shoes, clothes, nice knives, wine glasses … random tidbits … and most importantly, I have 11 boxes full of beer (and wine).


Many people have referred to my particular style of living as … “a man cave.”

Any questions about my priorities in life? OKAY. Good. Now, bear with me. The Beer Wench blog will be up and running: bigger, better, faster and stronger than ever in the VERY VERY near future.

I cannot wait to break open the beers from my collection and share them with others via my blog. I cannot wait to travel the world, exploring breweries and learning all about the process of making beer. I am ready to break loose … and there is nothing holding me back.


Cheers to the bright future ahead! XOXO



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  1. Don’t tell anyone, but I am the same…tho I am a cancer (nurturing and whatnot) I have moved so many times, lived so many places…and now married, with dogs and a house…I feel a little trapped, I envy you!! go!!! explore! have fun! (but make sure you can pay the rent ;~) )

    Love ya! and good luck!!

  2. The gypsy blood is in us all. Good luck and hope everything turns out. Your blog is required reading for my staff here at our stores.

  3. “Man Cave”, haha… this is what my fiancee bought me for Christmas:


    I too have some catching up to do with my blog. Really look forward to future postings!

  4. Well Wenchie, what can I say but you caught me. You see, I am also a Gemini. While I like to stay in one place for several years, I am still very nomadic in my mind. And afterall, since I am a Gemini that is my prerogative.

  5. Wenchie – I think you are a survivor and you are living your life the way others only dream. You are an intense free spirit, that is amazing ! Dont change Ashley – unless life says its time to…

  6. By all means, carry on, Your Wench-ship!

  7. There’s a lot to be envious of in that lifestyle. I’m actually looking forward to giving parts of a try myself. After this winter, I’m ready to be done with Cleveland. :-)

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