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Blue Palms Brewhouse Interview 3

Those of you (poor and unfortunate souls) that have made some sort of interaction with me — whether it be in real life or on Twitter — know that The Wench is head over heels in love with The Ohio State University. And I’m not the only beer geek with an Ohio State football obsession. […]



A Taste of Two Brothers Brewing Co. 4

During a recent trip to Milwaukee, I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd Annual World Beverage Retailer Showcase, which was co-hosted by Beechwood Distributors Inc. and GreatBrewers.com at the Harley Davidson Museum. While at the trade show, I visited the Two Brothers Brewing Co. table and Christian was kind enough to tell me a bit about the […]

When Vanity Crosses The Line 6

WARNING: The nature of this post is extremely subjective and controversial. It happens all the time. Celebrities, corporate tycoons and big brands are constantly trying to put their names on EV-ER-Y-THING. If something is hot, trendy and selling like hotcakes — then you can expect many dark horses in the shadows just waiting to take […]


Interview With Sam Adams Beer Dinner CHEF 5

As you may recall, I recently had the honor of being flown to Charleston, SC to attend an all-expense-paid, super special beer dinner co-hosted by the Culinary Institute of Charleston and Samuel Adams. Prior to the actual event, I was sent the invitation above — which listed the various courses and pairings for the beer […]

The Wench “Interviews” Bob Cannon 11

This, my dear friends (and loyal subjects), is an extremely important landmark in the history of The Beer Wench blog. I am extremely honored and excited to present my first ever official Beer Wench video interview. And if that was not cool enough, the interview is with the head brewer from Sam Adams –the one, […]

Infiltrating the Wine Bloggers Conference 5

This weekend I traveled out to the heart of California’s wine country to attend The Wine Bloggers Conference. Sounds weird, right — since “technically“, I’m not a wine blogger (details, details). Last year, I missed the first ever Wine Bloggers Conference. This turned out to be extremely tragic and I vowed never again to miss […]

Sauvignon Blanc = India Pale Ale 11

The marks my first “official” post in Project No Man’s Land. The project will consist of a series of posts illustrating linear pairings between wine varietals and beer styles. Naturally, this project is entirely subjective and has absolutely no scientific foundation. Nonetheless, I have a lot of confidence in its purpose and I am tremendously […]

Dressed In Lace 4

At the inaugural “Drink With The Wench,” I distributed Beer Tasting and Rating Sheets from Ratebeer.com to everyone interested in playing along with me. The sheet breaks down the tasting experience into four major categories; Appearance, Aroma, Palate, and Taste. Each category is further broken down, prompting the taster with adjectives to identify and circle. […]

Bumpin’ at Bodega 3

The inaugural “Drink With The Wench” was a smashing hit. Nine brave and adventurous Columbus locals joined me at Bodega last night, sampling and reviewing more than 10 different beers. The nine crazy guinea pigs consisted of myself, Mandy, Jess, Shelley, Jason, and Roland as well as the local bloggers; Keith, Josh, and Tim. Bodega […]