Articles Posted March 2009

  • The Wench’s Library

    The Wench’s Library

    My friend Josh Christie and his blog “Brews and Books” has inspired me to write a post about my personal “library.” Growing up, I was definitely a book geek. On my 10th birthday, my parents gave me 50 books. I woke up to a trail of books from my bedroom door, down the stairs … and […]

  • Amarcord Birra Artigianale’s LA TABACHERA

    Amarcord Birra Artigianale’s LA TABACHERA

    It is no secret that my geekiness extends far beyond the realm of beer. And I think that most of the people reading this blog understand what I am talking about. (Craft beer enthusiasts tend to walk to the beat of a different drum.)  I am definitely not a vanilla person. (Unless we are talking about putting […]

  • De Proefbrouwerij ZOETZUUR

    De Proefbrouwerij ZOETZUUR

    De Proefbrouwerij is the brainchild of the highly regarded Belgian professor and brewing engineer, Dirk Naudts and his wife. Prior to creating De Proefbrouwerij, Dirk was the Brewmaster at Roman Brewery. He also directed the brewing studies program at the prestigious St. Lieven University in Gent, Belgium. Zoetzuur translates to sweet and sour, which could not […]

  • The MYTH: Beer Calories

    The MYTH: Beer Calories

    This post is dedicated to my Ma, for reasons you shall discover later on… I am sick and tired of hearing people bitch and complain about calories, carbs and fat. Okay, I understand that these things exist. However, there are more important things in life to obsess over … When it comes to health, beer […]

  • bud

    Please Put Down The Budweiser

    It is time to leave the dark side of corporate beer. Listen, I understand [more than most] that the economy sucks. Like most of the world, I cannot afford to squander my money. Heck, I don’t get a paycheck. My income is solely based on tips. I live week to week … if not day […]

  • DFH Twitter Taste Live RECAP

    DFH Twitter Taste Live RECAP

    In this post I am going to attempt to recap the Dogfish Head Twitter Taste Live event from Saturday March 7th 2009. Now mind you, I did use the word attempt. Yesterday I made a last minute decision to purchase a webcam and setup a live ustream feed for the event. Having neither used ustream […]

  • Dogfish Head Twitter Taste Live

    Dogfish Head Twitter Taste Live

    Oh yes … yet another blog post on the amazing powers of Twitter. Go ahead, roll your eyes. I recognize that most people in the world are oblivious to Twitter. And a very small percentage of those that are aware of its existence actually have a Twitter account … and most of those people probably do not use it. […]