Articles Posted September 2009

  • Keweenaw – Craft Beer In a Can

    Keweenaw – Craft Beer In a Can

    Some of you may have noticed the recent trend in the craft brew industry towards packaging (craft) beer in cans. Until about five years ago, putting craft beer into cans was taboo. But times, they are a changing. Dale Katechis, the brewery owner of Oskar Blues Cajun Grille and Brewery in Lyons, CO., pioneered the […]

  • A Taste of Two Brothers Brewing Co.

    A Taste of Two Brothers Brewing Co.

    During a recent trip to Milwaukee, I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd Annual World Beverage Retailer Showcase, which was co-hosted by Beechwood Distributors Inc. and at the Harley Davidson Museum. While at the trade show, I visited the Two Brothers Brewing Co. table and Christian was kind enough to tell me a bit about the […]

  • Waterstreet Cafe & MdV Beer Dinner

    Waterstreet Cafe & MdV Beer Dinner

    During my visit to the Midwest, I took a little road trip from Milwaukee to the city of Peoria, IL for a beer dinner at Waterstreet Wines & Cafe. The dinner showcased several beers from the portfolio of  Merchant Du Vin — a specialty beer importer based in the U.S. Waterstreet Wines & Cafe is […]

  • Mini Brew Fest Survival Guide

    Mini Brew Fest Survival Guide

    In honor of my up-and-coming involvement in both the Great Lakes Brew Fest and The Great American Beer Festival over the next week, I decided it would be appropriate to post a few tips on how to survive a beer festival. Most of my suggestions go without saying — but the most obvious tips are […]

  • Greetings From The Midwest

    Greetings From The Midwest

    Where in the world is The Wench? After driving across country, I had a little less than two weeks of “down time” (and by “down time” I really mean spending time trying to adjust to my new scenario) before embarking on a beer themed trip to the Midwest. At first, I was only going to […]

  • When Vanity Crosses The Line

    When Vanity Crosses The Line

    WARNING: The nature of this post is extremely subjective and controversial. It happens all the time. Celebrities, corporate tycoons and big brands are constantly trying to put their names on EV-ER-Y-THING. If something is hot, trendy and selling like hotcakes — then you can expect many dark horses in the shadows just waiting to take […]

  • Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que Tour

    Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que Tour

    At the end of August, a good friend and I embarked upon the cross country road trip of a lifetime. The road trip had multiple purposes — 1. it was my big move from Florida to California (my whole life actually fit into a Dodge Neon = ridiculous) 2. it was the preliminary launch of […]