Behind the Twitter Avatar: @GLBC_Cleveland

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Behind the Twitter Avatar Series

Are you curious about the men and women “hiding” behind Twitter avatar of the world’s most beloved craft breweries? Well, you are not alone. The Wench has gone behind the scenes to reveal and introduce you to the individuals who possess the ever coveted social media positions in the craft beer industry.

Behind the Twitter Avatar: @GLBC_Cleveland

Marissa DeSantis


Brewery: Great Lakes Brewing Company
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Personal Twitter Handle: @marissadesantis

What is your “official” position with Great Lakes??
Communications Assistant

What is your favorite beer from Great Lakes?
My favorite year-round offering is Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. I think it’s a perfect representation of the style, and it’s so robust and flavorful. Being able to drink a porter this excellent year-round makes me appreciate it even more.

My favorite Brewpub Exclusive is our roasty, hoppy Rally Drum Red Ale. It’s named after the super-fan who’s played his bass drum at every Indians home game for years. This was one of the first Pub Exclusive beers we created after I started working for Great Lakes Brewing Company, so it has definite sentimental value. My baseball and glove are pictured on Rally Drum’s tap sticker. I’m a huge baseball fan.

What is your favorite beer and food pairing?
I add beer to almost everything I bake or cook. Pies in particular are a favorite to experiment with. I love adding a tart sour to a cherry pie or a bourbon-barrel stout to a pecan pie. A sweet wheat beer can add a fresh, earthy taste to a berry pie. I made a terrific bread pudding with our Edmund Fitzgerald once–it didn’t last too long!

If you were a style of beer, what would you be and why?
I think I’m most like a hoppy IPA. I’m bright, I’ve got a dry sense of humor, I’m a complex person with plenty of layers and flavors, and I’m loved by the geeks. I’d probably be in a can too, because I like to travel and attend outdoor concerts.

And last but not least, what does craft beer mean to you?
Craft beer is a unifier. It makes people happy. When I tell people I work for Great Lakes Brewing Company, they’re so excited to share their GLBC stories and discuss their favorite beers. During my college years, I was fortunate enough to live next door to an excellent Brewpub, and their brewer was a wonderful guide in my early stages of beer appreciation. He told me, “beer brings people together.” And when you’re talking about a unique, handcrafted, flavorful product, that connection grows even stronger. I always make it a point to talk to the stranger who brings a good craft six-pack to a party. Chances are, he or she is one of my people. I like that.

Marissa boasts not only brains and beauty, but lots of intense passion for and knowledge of craft beer. Who can argue with that? Take my word for it, this badass craft beer chick is totally worth following! Cheers!

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