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  • Beer Review: Valley Brewing Decadent Evil

    Beer Review: Valley Brewing Decadent Evil

    It recently dawned on me that, despite the fact that I drink beer every single day, I have been really bad about writing about the beers I drink. Bad Beer Wench. Last week, I had the opportunity to shadow brewmaster Steve Altimari as “Brewer For A Day” at Valley Brewing Company. The experience was tremendous [...]

  • Belzebuth Blond Ale

    Belzebuth Blond Ale

    True story: France isn’t really known for its beer. Gourmet cuisine? Yes. World-class wines? Yes. Art? Yes. Architecture? Yes. History? Yes. Beer? NO. However, Flanders IS known for beer. Not quite a country, Flanders is a geographical region consisting of parts of Belgium, France & the Netherlands. Today, the French region of Flanders lies in [...]