Although I do have a real name, most people know me best as The Beer Wench. Some call me Wenchie, and others just call me Wench.

Beer is my life, literally. I am head over heels for beer. Beer is one of my greatest passions in life — along with wine, food, travel & Ohio State football.

These days, everything I do revolves around beer. I work in the beer industry. I play in the beer industry. Beer is my career, my hobby and my lifestyle.

I am a hophead. I am in love with the bitter, flavorful taste of pure hops. So much, in fact, that I enjoy chewing on dried hop leaves like others may enjoy on chewing gum.

I am a sour fanatic. I love Brett and stinky wild yeast. I love “mouth-ripping” sour beers.

I am a high gravity girl. The bigger, the bolder, the better. Smack me in the face with as much flavor as humanly possible.

I love beer.

I am confident enough in my knowledge to call myself a beer connoisseur. Unfortunately, I cannot claim the title of “beer afficianado” quite yet. While I’m not an expert, I’m no novice either.

I aspire to be the “female version” of Michael Jackson — a beer evangelist harnessing an affinity for writing to spread the good word of beer all over the world.

I have called myself many names before, such as “beer brat”, “beer geek” and “hophead,” but no title seems more appropriate than “The Beer Wench.” To me, “The Beer Wench” is unpretentious and playful, which is exactly the main mantra of this blog.

For all of you literalists out there, I’m not a real beer wench. The Urban Dictionary defines beer wench as both:

1. A voluptuous female pirate type woman, usually with a fiery attitude, and usually seen around taverns and bars, seaside fishing towns, and wherever pirates roam.

2. A scantily clad girl, hired for an hourly fee (eg. AU$65) to wait hand and foot on groups of thirsty Australian cricket fans, allowing them to enjoy the cricket, which can last for up to 5 days.

Well, hate to disappoint but I am neither voluptuous or not scantly clad and DEFINITELY NOT a beer servant for men. However, I most certainly have a fiery attitude and I can definitely be found in taverns and bars as well as around seaside fishing towns … and wherever pirates may roam!

The purpose of my beer blog is to share relevant and interesting beer knowledge, suggestions, and experiences with the rest of the online beer loving community. I believe in the power of social media. My goal is to inspire conversation, instead of giving lectures. Having dialogs with others about beer is entirely more fun than giving monologues!

My palate is not the end all be all, yes I am aware. This is why I love to experience beers through others. Hearing and reading about the experiences are others have had with the beers that I taste is quite possibly the best way to learn! I am always interested in receiving feedback from others regarding their personal beer experiences.

The beauty of beer is all in the palate of the beholder, right?