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    Call to Action: Vote for “Localization of Beer” Talk

    Coincidentally, Internet week is happening in New York City at the same time as American Craft Beer Week (May 14-20, 2012). Essentially, Internet Week is a large, crowd-sourced festival with events taking place all throughout New York City. Most events are individually run by third parties. Internet Week NY runs a program called Make the [...]

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    SF Beer Week 2012: Where to Find The Wench

    San Francisco Beer Week, presented by the SF Brewers Guild, kicks off tomorrow, February 10th. Don’t let the word week fool you, SF Beer Week is a 10-day long extravaganza. Stamina is definitely the key to surviving any beer week, especially one as crazy and event-filled as SF Beer Week. East Bay, South Bay, North [...]

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    The Three Ring Circus: SF Beer Week’s Most Coveted Event

    Regardless of city, there are always one or two beer week events worth splurging on. And usually, those events have one person’s name on it: Chef Sean Z. Paxton Known amongst the beer community as the Homebrew Chef, Paxton is famous for his highly coveted beer dinners featuring obscenely lavish courses paired with some of [...]

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    You’re Invited! The Unbirthday Beer Cocktail Party

    You’re Invited! The Unbirthday Beer Cocktail Party An SF Beer Week invitation even the Queen of Hearts can’t resist On February 12th, you are invited to enter a world where time is backwards, nothing is what it seems, and everything is what it isn’t. As a part of the SF Beer Week festivities, Bison Brewing [...]

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    SF Beer Week 2011: Where to Spot the Wench!

    San Francisco Beer Week 2011 happens to be extremely exciting for me this year, for several reasons. I recently brewed a collaboration beer called Ryedentity Crisis with Knee Deep Brewing Company and Devil’s Canyon Brewing Co. that will be exclusively available to at select accounts in the Bay Area this week. Also, I am now [...]

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    Ryedentity Crisis Collaboration Beer Release Announced for San Francisco Beer Week 2011

    (photo credit above: David Jensen of Beer 47) Riddle: What do you get when you brew a traditional beer style with unconventional ingredients? Answer: An identity crisis. And what happens when one of those ingredients contains rye? Answer: A Ryedentity Crisis. Knee Deep Brewing Company and Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company in conjunction with The Beer [...]

  • SF BEER WEEK: February 11th Events

    SF BEER WEEK: February 11th Events

    Unfortunately, it took me entirely way to long to post about San Francisco Beer Week. And it is almost over. My bad. Curious about where I will be today? I’ve listed the events that I will most likely be attending (99.9% certain) on February 11th. Hopefully, I will run into some of you (my readers) [...]

  • The Wench vs. SDBW: Round 2

    The Wench vs. SDBW: Round 2

    I must apologize for leaving you all hanging on the San Diego beer week updates. I’ve recently been plagued with a series of unfortunate events and have fallen off of the Internet map. So where were we? I last left off with the score: San Diego = 1. The Wench = 0. Truth be told, [...]

  • The Wench vs. SDBW: Round 1

    The Wench vs. SDBW: Round 1

    For those of you who are lucky enough to follow me on twitter, you are probably acutely aware of my recent voyage to San Diego for beer week. In fact, I’m almost positive that many of you may hate me for the events I attended and the beers I tasted. Heck, I would hate me [...]

  • Greetings From The Midwest

    Greetings From The Midwest

    Where in the world is The Wench? After driving across country, I had a little less than two weeks of “down time” (and by “down time” I really mean spending time trying to adjust to my new scenario) before embarking on a beer themed trip to the Midwest. At first, I was only going to [...]