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    Tools For Proper Beer Tasting & Evaluation

    There are many reasons why I don’t review and rate beers (or wines for that matter). On a professional level, I know how to analyze and evaluate beers — something that is important for quality control, barrel-aging and blending, detecting off-flavors, etc. But on a personal level, I do not think that my impression or [...]

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    Holiday Beer Gift Alert: Porcelain Ceramic Beer Glasses

    Being the eccentric beer geek that I am, I’m always looking for new, fun, unique and quirky beer gadgets and accessories. And I like my swag like I like my beer — artisan, hand-crafted and made with love. Unique objects make awesome gifts, and with this holiday season rapidly approaching, I’ve been on the mission [...]

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    Session #44: Blogger Roundup

    Sincere apologies to all the bloggers who participated for taking an extra day to compile the round-up. A weekend full of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, craft beer and travel made any sort of Internet work almost impossible. Alas, let us move on. For two years now, beer bloggers have been partaking in a community exercise called [...]

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    Session #44: The Frankenstein Beers of BrewDog

    WELCOME TO THE SESSION — the brain child of beer blogging veterans Stan Hieronymus of Appellation Beer and Jay Brooks of Brookston Bulletin. On the first Friday of each month, all participating bloggers write about a predetermined topic. Each month a different blogger is selected to host The Session. The blogger gets to choose the [...]

  • Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale: My Zen Beer

    Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale: My Zen Beer

    The Wench is most definitely a story teller. I have been this way since I was a kid. Growing up, all the kids in the neighborhood used to sit around for hours listening to my crazy tales. I had one story called “The Blob” that I swear lasted for weeks. In fact, I am pretty [...]

  • Beer Review: Valley Brewing Decadent Evil

    Beer Review: Valley Brewing Decadent Evil

    It recently dawned on me that, despite the fact that I drink beer every single day, I have been really bad about writing about the beers I drink. Bad Beer Wench. Last week, I had the opportunity to shadow brewmaster Steve Altimari as “Brewer For A Day” at Valley Brewing Company. The experience was tremendous [...]

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    Brewer For A Day: IRON SPRINGS

    Although I have toured my fair share of breweries all over the country, until recently I had never actually observed the entire brewing process — from start to finish — in a production facility. This past week Christian Kazakoff, good friend and Brewmaster at Iron Springs Pub & Brewery, invited me to shadow him as [...]

  • Leafy Green Info Review: Dogfish Head

    Leafy Green Info Review: Dogfish Head

    Fellow beer blogger and my new friend, Mike Kivowitz of Bergenation and Leafy Green Info, recently went on a tour of Dogfish Head Brewery as well as attended the DogFish Head New Years Eve’s 15 Beers for 15 Years Beer Dinner. Earlier this week he released an article about his experience. In order to support [...]

  • The Insanity Known As BrewDog

    The Insanity Known As BrewDog

    I am quite “embarrassed” to admit that, despite having my finger on the craft beer pulse, I only just learned about BrewDog in the Summer of 2009 — after moving to California. How on Earth they never made it on my radar until recently completely boggles my mind. The insane master minds behind BrewDog, Martin [...]

  • Fire Island’s Red Wagon IPA

    Fire Island’s Red Wagon IPA

    About a month ago I wrote an article about the release of Fire Island’s Red Wagon IPA. In an email to the brewers, I playfully hinted that I wanted to taste the beer — but living on the West Coast made it logistically impossible to acquire it. Well kids, I’ve learned that sometimes if you [...]