Articles Posted January 2011

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    The Napa Homebrew Project: Brewday #1 Recap

    It is about freaking time, eh? For over a year now, I have been guest brewing at various breweries around the country. I have helped collaborate on two different recipes and brewed beer commercially for events — but oddly enough, I’ve never actually homebrewed. What can I say? I’m an overachiever. People have always questioned […]

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    Black Star Barter Teams Up With The Beer Wench

    Last time I mentioned Black Star’s Beer Barter, I had offered up my unborn child. Unfortunately, Black Star was a little smarter than I thought they would be and declined my “IOU” offer of Lil’ Wench Numero Uno. Considering my current anti-reproduction stance and the fact and my awkward fear of babies and small children, […]

  • ApolloBrew

    High Water Brewing Launches with Production of “Innovative and Exciting” Beers from Award-Winning Brewmaster Steve Altimari

    Not all news is good news in the craft beer industry. For example, last year I received the very sad news that one of my favorite craft brewers, Steve Altimari, was leaving Valley Brewing Company, the brewery he had helped to establish and run for over a decade. This made me sad for several reasons: […]

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    Tools For Proper Beer Tasting & Evaluation

    There are many reasons why I don’t review and rate beers (or wines for that matter). On a professional level, I know how to analyze and evaluate beers — something that is important for quality control, barrel-aging and blending, detecting off-flavors, etc. But on a personal level, I do not think that my impression or […]

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    Cooking With Beer: [Leftover] Christmas Beer Chili

    The holidays have come and gone. The leftover Christmas-style beers are still lingering on some store shelves — super discounted (yeah, I found Delirium Noel on sale at Costco for $1.97 FTW!). And although you might be a bit bored with the roasted, toasted, spiced holiday ales — do not completely give up on them. […]

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    My First Born Child: What Would You Do or Trade for a Years Supply of Black Star Beer?

    It’s not every day that a craft brewery challenges you to answer the question: “what would you trade or do for a year supply of beer?” — and is actually willing to deliver such a reward to the best answer. However, the brilliant marketing minds behind Black Star beer are doing just that. This morning, […]

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    Brewers Association Announces Revised Craft Brewer Definition

    A recent debate in the craft beer community regarding the classification of independent craft breweries based on size has finally been settled. Today the Brewers Association announced that the majority of U.S. brewing companies have voted to revise the definition of a “craft brewer.” The original definition  stated that a “small” independent craft brewery was […]