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My First Born Child: What Would You Do or Trade for a Years Supply of Black Star Beer?

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Published on January 07, 2011 with 3 Comments

It’s not every day that a craft brewery challenges you to answer the question: “what would you trade or do for a year supply of beer?” — and is actually willing to deliver such a reward to the best answer. However, the brilliant marketing minds behind Black Star beer are doing just that.

This morning, whilst wasting copious hours fluttering around Twitter and procrastinating writing an article for Beaumont’s World of Beer, I stumbled across a tweet from my boys over at Beer Tap TV:

Naturally, being the smart-ass little twit that I am, I responded with the wittiest thing that came to mind — without even know anything about the contest

Unfortunately, the validity of such a trade is improbable, if not impossible. Technically, I do not have a child to offer at this moment which means that my barter would be a “I owe you” note. And then there is the fact that I do not intend on spawning — ever. Which means that I would never be able to fulfill my terms of the barter and, therefore, would always be in debt to Black Star. Either that or the Black Star secret mafia would kidnap me, artificially inseminate me (or whatever it’s called), and then hold me captive for 9 months until I follow through on my bargain.

Anyways, all baby jokes aside, the concept for this viral marketing campaign is brilliant. After all, who wouldn’t want a years supply of delicious, crisp craft beer? And I can say this with a straight face since I am familiar with the Black Beer brand. Last year, I had the honor of attending its official re-launch party in San Francisco and got to throw back a couple with the owner. Some of you extreme beer geeks might think “Ah, it’s just a lager. Nothing special.” Which is unfortunate. Black Star Lager is brewed with true ingredients — no adjuncts or other bullshit materials that the macros use. It is a real solid, flavorful lager. And the best part is that it comes in cans, which means it is an awesome beer for outdoor adventures.

So now the real question is: What would you do or trade for a year’s supply of Black Star Beer?

I look forward to submitting my answer soon as well as seeing what other crazy ideas are thrown into the pool. For more details, check out the following announcement from Black Star Beer:

We are giving beer lovers the opportunity of a lifetime- the chance to win a year’s supply of Black Star Beer. We are inviting contestants and spectators near and far to join us at The Great Northern Brewery in Whitefish, MT on February 5, 2011 for The Black Star Barter.

This isn’t any old barter, we’re thinking big. What is 52 cases of this crisp, refreshing, double hopped golden lager worth to you? That’s one thousand two hundred and forty eight beers!  We are looking for contestants to submit their most creative, over-the-top, outrageous ideas to barter. Nothing is off limits. In fact, we encourage off-the-wall submissions. The judges will rank all barter submissions based on creativity, awesomeness, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm. There will only be one winner, so contestants will be fighting head to head to make their idea count.

The Barter is officially an exciting new addition to this year’s 52nd annual Whitefish Winter Carnival, held February 4-6, 2011. We understand that Whitefish, MT might not currently be in the books for February, but we invite you to join us for the festivities as a daring participant or spectator. In addition to the barter, we will be hosting the 16th Anniversary party of the Great Northern Brewing Company that night, February 5th, from 7pm until 9pm.

Friend Black Star on Facebook and Follow @BlackStarBeer on Twitter and join the conversation using the hashtage #beerbarter!

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ashley V Routson, Ashley V Routson. Ashley V Routson said: My First Born Child: What Would You Do or Trade for a Year’s Supply of @BlackStarBeer? #beerbarter [...]

  2. 52 cases is a lot of beer. That is more than a years supply. Usually a year’s supply is only 12 cases. So 52 cases at cost is $1000-$1400. I would get a Black Star tattoo. It would most likely be my first and only tattoo, so I think that would be special enough.

  3. Love the idea, and was thrilled that the folks at got personal invites. But, you know, hypothetically, if I grew up in the country and wanted to bring a baker’s dozen singing emus… now how am I going to get them by the TSA?

    No, seriously, you’re absolutely right. Great stuff from the Black Star marketing team, and I’m sure if I made it out to Whitefish, I’d fall head over heels for the place and story behind the beer.

  4. What a great campaign… I love it.

  5. [...] Last time I mentioned Black Star’s Beer Barter, I had offered up my unborn child. Unfortunately, Black Star was a little smarter than I thought they would be and declined my “IOU” offer of Lil’ Wench Numero Uno. Considering my current anti-reproduction stance and the fact and my awkward fear of babies and small children, the chances of my paying up on the barter are very slim. But lucky for me, Black Star beer was interested in making a different barter. They are going to send yours truly to the lovely state of Montana (woot, I get to check another one of the 50 states off my list) for the Whitefish Winter Carnival, where the official beer barter competition will go down. [...]

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