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  • Beer Alternatives To Champagne

    Beer Alternatives To Champagne

    Tomorrow is Valentines Day, one of the most useless and overrated holidays that plagues society every year (in MY personal opinion). But then again, I am anti most holidays. Not too mention, I loathe romance. And the color pink. If you decide that you must partake in this “unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative & [...]

  • Awesome Beer Quotes

    Awesome Beer Quotes

    For shits and giggles, I decided to compile a list of my personal favorite quotes relating to beer! Cheers! “Beer deserves to be treated as a civilized drink; it may even have been the cause of civilization.” -Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter “I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again: Beer is [...]

  • Super Bowl = Beer + Wench

    Super Bowl = Beer + Wench

    Although I am completely obsessed with college athletics, I rarely ever get excited about professional sports. My bias most likely stems from personal experience competing in two different NCAA Division I sports. To me, amateur athletics retain a certain pureness that professional sports lack (feel free to fight me on this all you want). Regardless [...]

  • TWITTER Underground Beer Lair

    TWITTER Underground Beer Lair

    It is no secret that The Beer Wench is addicted to Twitter. My followers on Twitter are very aware of this “problem.” My friends, coworkers, bosses, family members and random strangers also know about my sick obsession with Twitter. I am guilty of twittering while at work … at restaurants … on vacation … and [...]

  • The Wench’s Men of 2008

    The Wench’s Men of 2008

    Welcome to the year 2009! Here is to another great year full of drinking beautifully crafted, unique and excellent beers! Cheers! The current trend amongst many of my favorite bloggers has been to create some sort of list to commemorate the past year. Some have written posts about the top ten blogs that they have [...]