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  • The Wench Takes On WBC 2009

    The Wench Takes On WBC 2009

    So where were we? Ahhh yes. I was about to tell you about my experience at the 2009 Wine Bloggers Conference in the last post … but then I stopped. Because I’m a little tease. If I could sum up the events on WBC 2009 into one picture … … ahhh yes. That says it [...]

  • Infiltrating the Wine Bloggers Conference

    Infiltrating the Wine Bloggers Conference

    This weekend I traveled out to the heart of California’s wine country to attend The Wine Bloggers Conference. Sounds weird, right — since “technically“, I’m not a wine blogger (details, details). Last year, I missed the first ever Wine Bloggers Conference. This turned out to be extremely tragic and I vowed never again to miss [...]

  • The Wench’s Men of 2008

    The Wench’s Men of 2008

    Welcome to the year 2009! Here is to another great year full of drinking beautifully crafted, unique and excellent beers! Cheers! The current trend amongst many of my favorite bloggers has been to create some sort of list to commemorate the past year. Some have written posts about the top ten blogs that they have [...]

  • iPhone Beer Pad

    iPhone Beer Pad

    There is nothing worse than going to an amazing beer bar, drinking ridiculously extraordinary beers … and NOT being able to blog about it because intoxication and memory loss usually ensues consumption. In the past, I brought a notepad with tasting & rating sheets to bars. More often then not, the sheets got ruined and/or [...]

  • The Story Of Oktoberfest-Bier

    The Story Of Oktoberfest-Bier

    Sadly, tomorrow marks the last official day of the world’s largest folk festival – Oktoberfest. And unfortunately, yet another Oktoberfest has come and gone without me. I vow to make the trek to Munich for this event some day! Until then, I will live vicariously through the stories of others while sipping on some Oktoberfest-bier. [...]

  • The Magical “Medicinal” Powers of Hops

    The Magical “Medicinal” Powers of Hops

    Hops are most commonly known for giving beer its distinctively bitter taste – a characteristic which no other plant is able to provide. Hops is also a natural preservative. What most people don’t know is that there are several “medicinal” uses for the hops plant. The word medicinal is in quotations since most hops remedies [...]

  • Reel Big Fish BEER

    Reel Big Fish BEER

    Tonight we are going old school. To this day, one of my all time favorite ska/punk bands is REEL BIG FISH. In fact, I think that I have seen Reel Big Fish in concert more times that any other band or artist that I have seen thus far. Not to mention, they have put on [...]

  • Lego Beer Song

    Lego Beer Song

    This YouTube video is a little off the beaten path for The Beer Wench, yet I found it to be humorous — and after all, it is beer related. Enjoy!