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Beer Tasting & Board Gaming

Written by The Beer Wench. Posted in EVENTS

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Beer Tasting & Board Gaming

Published on March 17, 2008 with 1 Comment

A little known fact about the Beer Wench: she is a gamer.

Now, I’m not talking about X-Box, Nintendo or Wii. Oh, no. I’m an avid BOARD-gamer. And while I do love the classics – I’m not talking about Monopoly or Scrabble or Clue.

The Beer Wench loves to play obscure, hard core strategy, super complicated – VERY geeky board games.


Upon discovering this fact, my friend and local food critic Jim (aka CMH Gourmand) suggested that my next “Drink With The Wench” be a beer tasting and board gaming event. Of course, I thought the idea was brilliant. (After all, it does combine two of my favorite things.)

My friend and loyal “Drinking With The Beer Wench” buddy (he has been to every event) – Roland – has offered to host my event at his house in Victorian Village. As always, the invite is open to all Columbus residents and I encourage new faces to join us. Email me for location information.

So not to discourage “normal” people from attending, the night will be divided into two different groups – the hardcore gamers & the not so hardcore gamers. The games will be provided by us (everything from Settlers of Catan to Movie Trivia). There will be something for everybody. All we ask is that – all who wish to participate in the beer tasting portion of the evening – bring a unique beer to taste, drink, rate, and talk about.

If this is successful, we hope to make the beer tasting and board gaming event a regular occurrence.

And now for the official announcement:


You are all invited to the next “Drink With The Wench”

WHAT: “Drink With The Wench” – Beer Tasting & Board Gaming

WHO: The Wench & EVERYONE who A. loves beer B. likes beer C. hates beer but wants to come out

WHERE: Roland’s House, Victorian Village (email me for the address)

WHEN: FRIDAY. March 21st – tasting @ 7pm, gaming @ 8pm. (Stragglers are free to come whenever).

WHY: In the name of research, I’ve decided to try at least one new beer every week.

My ultimate goal for this group is to start up a gathering for fellow beer lovers and hopheads in the Columbus area. The invite is open to anyone and everyone interested in learning about and drinking beer. Ideally, I’d love to meet up with people who are more knowledgeable about beer than I am — and are willing to assist me in my voyage to beer connoisseur land.

I intend on this being a great social forum and conversation starter for beer lovers across all levels of expertise. Even if you do not know me, I still encourage you to come out and play. Everyone that has turned out has had much fun thus far.

There have been lots of new faces meeting me out, as well as some lovely regulars. I’m really enjoying meeting new people and sharing great conversation!

As always, I will be bringing along copies of a tasting sheet I found at It helps serve as a great learning tool and conversation facilitator.

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  1. I really like your blog. Found it off of CU. I don’t know if I will attend on Friday since I won’t know a single soul there, but I hope you crazy kids have fun!

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