Articles Posted October 2009

  • Fire Island Announces Red Wagon IPA

    Fire Island Announces Red Wagon IPA

    Although lately I’ve developed a reputation as a gypsy for my rather nomadic lifestyle, I do call one place “home.” And this place is New York. I grew up in the Hudson Valley — just 60 miles north of Manhattan. My parents still live in NY and, in my person opinion, NYC is the best […]

  • Beer + Science + Art = BevShots

    Beer + Science + Art = BevShots

    Searching for a really unique present that will dazzle and impress your art & science loving beer (wine & spirits) geek friends this holiday season? Well kids, call the search off. I recently stumbled across a Florida start-up that has launched a line of abstract art pieces created using images of various alcoholic beverages shot […]

  • Holiday Beer Fest Official Beer List

    Holiday Beer Fest Official Beer List

    BevMo is hosting a Holiday Beer Fest at Fort Mason in San Francisco on Sunday, November 15th from 1pm to 4pm. The event costs $35 and tickets are ONLY available online. (If tickets are still available the day of the event, they can be purchased at the Herbst Pavilion Door for $45-cash). A portion of the proceeds is being […]



    I’ve been known to get in long and exhausting debates with people about corporate America. Especially, when it comes to the beer industry. In fact, I recently endured a long-winded friendly argument with an individual in my local brewpub about Coors. In my opinion, there is never a time for Coors. I would rather drink […]

  • San Francisco Holiday Beer Fest

    San Francisco Holiday Beer Fest

    It doesn’t take much to convince me to attend a beer festival — or any beer event in general. BUT, when a portion of the proceeds from a beer event or beer festival are donated to support a cause or organization — it makes that event that much more worth attending. (And it helps to […]

  • Cooking With Beer: Gingerbread Ale & Butternut Squash Soup

    Cooking With Beer: Gingerbread Ale & Butternut Squash Soup

    I love to cook with beer. In my opinion, any recipe that calls for water, stock or broth can easily be replaced with beer. I love to steam rice and couscous in beer. It adds so much flavor. Whenever I come across a spiced beer, fruit beer or specialty beer — the wheels in my […]

  • ORVAL Vertical Tasting

    ORVAL Vertical Tasting

    Recently, I was given a rare opportunity to taste a vertical of ORVAL vintages. The 3 different vintages included: April 2009 –> 5 months old May 2007 –> 1 year nine months old October 2002 –> 7 years old The 7 year Orval was probably the “oldest” beer that I’ve tasted. I found it rather […]

  • Blue Palms Brewhouse Interview

    Blue Palms Brewhouse Interview

    Those of you (poor and unfortunate souls) that have made some sort of interaction with me — whether it be in real life or on Twitter — know that The Wench is head over heels in love with The Ohio State University. And I’m not the only beer geek with an Ohio State football obsession. […]