Articles Posted November 2009

  • The Wench vs. SDBW: ROUND 3

    The Wench vs. SDBW: ROUND 3

    Although San Diego was able to severely kick my a$$ on my first day of beer week, I was able to regain momentum and score a win for The Wench on the second day. Morning came fast on Day 3. Unfortunately, our party of 4 (Pj, Alex, Tay & myself) dropped down to a party […]

  • The Wench vs. SDBW: Round 2

    The Wench vs. SDBW: Round 2

    I must apologize for leaving you all hanging on the San Diego beer week updates. I’ve recently been plagued with a series of unfortunate events and have fallen off of the Internet map. So where were we? I last left off with the score: San Diego = 1. The Wench = 0. Truth be told, […]

  • The Wench vs. SDBW: Round 1

    The Wench vs. SDBW: Round 1

    For those of you who are lucky enough to follow me on twitter, you are probably acutely aware of my recent voyage to San Diego for beer week. In fact, I’m almost positive that many of you may hate me for the events I attended and the beers I tasted. Heck, I would hate me […]

  • Announcing BeerCloud For iPhone

    Announcing BeerCloud For iPhone

    During a recent trip to Milwaukee I had the opportunity to meet Eric McKay, a self-professed beer geek and the brilliantly talented creator of He showed me the latest brainchild of — BeerCloud. Unfortunately, at that time BeerCloud was only available for ANDROID. And for a beer obsessed, i-Phone addict — this news […]



    I recently had one of the most amazing beer experiences of my life. No I’m not talking about the beer — which was amazing. Or the food — which was also outstanding. I’m referring to the opportunity to meet both Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head, and Ken Grossman, founder of Sierra Nevada. And let […]

  • De Proef Announces Van Twee & Witte Noire

    De Proef Announces Van Twee & Witte Noire

    Very few things get my pulse racing quite like new beer releases from my favorite breweries. Especially, when the beers are unorthodox and deviate from traditional beer style guidelines.  The more bizarre a beer, the faster my heart begins to beat. And don’t get me started on sours — wild yeast beers trigger spontaneous convulsions […]

  • twitter2

    Most Compelling BEER Personalities on TWITTER

    Several bloggers and other internet sources have written posts about the “most influential” or “top” people to follow on Twitter — in specific topics of interest (such as food, wine, social media, etc…) However, everyone seems to be over looking the beer community. Pssshhhaw. How rude. Us beer geeks can be influential and important too, […]

  • Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale

    Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale

    During a recent visit to Milwaukee for the Great Lakes Craft Brewers & Water Conservation Conference, I had the honor of meeting Patrick F. Conway, owner of the Great Lakes Brewing Company. Once upon a time, I had a 6 year stint in Ohio. I moved to Ohio from NY to attend THE (yes THE) […]