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  • The 45 Million Year Old Beer

    The 45 Million Year Old Beer

    In the very near future, Fossil Fuels Brewing Company will be releasing the world’s oldest beer -EVER. Fossil Fuels™ Wheat Beer is being marketed as “The 45 Million Year Old Beer.” Obviously, man has not been on the earth for 45 millions years. And beer is man-made. So this raises the question: How the heck [...]

  • The Malverde Controversy

    The Malverde Controversy

    As with most humans, contraversial news always attracts my attention. Especially, when said controversy is in the beer community. Mexican beer company, Cervececia Minerva, has recently been criticized for its new beer named Malverde – after Jesús Malverde, the “Narco Saint.” Jesús Malverde is a folklore hero and celebrated folk saint in the Mexican state [...]

  • When in Rome … um Denver

    When in Rome … um Denver

    As a result of a last minute conspiracy, which will be unveiled at the most opportune moment — The Beer Wench is currently sitting at the Denver Airport in route to Napa via Oakland, CA. And guess what. My flight IS F*ING delayed. Grrrrr. After the 3 hour flight from Columbus, all The Wench could [...]

  • Fermenting Revolution

    Fermenting Revolution

    The Beer Wench has made a rather exciting beer discovery. I would like you to meet Chris O’Brian, author of the Beer Activist blog and book entitled “Fermenting Revolution: How To Drink Beer And Save The World.” About the author: Professionally, O’Brien has dedicated his time to organizing businesses as a force for positive social [...]

  • Bathing In Sweet Nectar

    Bathing In Sweet Nectar

    Chocolate spas, seaweed wraps, sugar scrubs, mud & milk baths … spas around the world are constantly incorporating food into spa treatments. People across all cultures have been mixing herbal and botanical ingredients together for thousands of years, in an effort to create natural and holistic health treatments and stress solutions. Personally, I have taken [...]

  • NYC Launches BeerMenus.Com

    NYC Launches BeerMenus.Com

    As with most cool new trends, NYC is miles ahead of all the other cities. The latest new gadget is a website that tracks the beer selections of NYC bars. The website is called BeerMenus and operates similar to MenuPages. BeerMenus just launched yesterday -April 24, 2008- and is already generating hype. It uses two [...]

  • Turmoil Brewing in Beer Industry

    Turmoil Brewing in Beer Industry

    Whether or not you believe that the economy has entered a recession, inflation is undeniable. An enormous increase in transport expenses due to the rise in fuel prices has resulted in an increase in the price of products and services across all categories. On top of that, the American dollar has become severely devalued. These [...]

  • Celebrating 75 years of Beer

    Celebrating 75 years of Beer

    The Volstead Act, also known as the National Prohibition Act, established the legal basis for the federal government to enforce the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within the United States and its territories. The bill was vetoed by President Woodrow Wilson but overridden [...]

  • Stone’s 12th Anniversary Beer

    Stone’s 12th Anniversary Beer

    It is no secret that The Beer Wench loves Stone Brewing Company. (Stone’s Ruination is one of my go-to IPAs.) In June 2008, Stone will release its 12th Anniversary beer entitled “Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout,” a 9.2% ale brewed with bitter chocolate. Little is known about the beer other than that it will presumably be [...]

  • The “Real” Green Beer

    The “Real” Green Beer

    Local Columbus blogger, Green Buckeye, recently tagged The Columbus Beer Wench in this post: “Sierra Club’s Green Life blog has a list of green beers for St. Paddy’s day. Check out the comments, too, where readers share their local favorites and remind us that local brews might have a smaller carbon footprint. Cleveland’s Great Lakes [...]