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Published on June 16, 2010 with 4 Comments

Drink with the Wench
The Wench is well known for her relentless mission to document each and every beer blogger through her interview series. Then one day, through a Twitter discussion with fellow beer blogger Billy from, they came up with a secret plan to take the beer blogger interviews a step further.

The idea? To make a Google Map of the beer bloggers.

Why you ask? A few reasons:

  • Promote beer bloggers by exhibiting their scope and reach
  • To allow beer advocates to find beer blogs in their area
  • Traveling? Use the map find a blogger near your desitnation and plan a meet up (Perfect for gypsies like The Wench)BillyBrew Logo
  • It’s pretty darn cool

So here is the Beer Bloggers Map. We’ve already added dozens of bloggers to get it off the ground, and would now like to add the rest of the beer bloggers to take it to the next level. See below to have your site added.

Beer Bloggers Map

A collaboration between Drink with the Wench and

View Beer Bloggers in a larger map

If you have a beer blog and you’re not on the map, don’t worry. We’re just lazy beer drinkers and haven’t added everyone.

To get your beer blog added, contact Billy here and include the following information:
1. Your blog name and URL
2. Your City & State
3. A URL to your logo or whatever picture you want included

Simple as that!

Cheers to all the beer bloggers in the world! Hope to see many of you at the Beer Bloggers Conference this November in Boulder!

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There are currently 4 Comments on THE OFFICIAL BEER BLOGGERS MAP. Perhaps you would like to add one of your own?

  1. Awesome idea. This is going to be a great resource!

  2. [...] Site (she had a hand in this as well).  Click the image above to check it out, and hit Drink With The Wench for more details on how the idea for this cool map was hatched and to learn how to add your [...]

  3. Awesome, this looks like a great way to connect with the other Beer Bloggers – there are a lot of us here in Chicago it seems!

  4. Great idea! Perhaps you should call it “The official US Beer Bloggers Map” or do you add bloggers from, let’s say, Sweden?

    Pelle Stridh
    Swedish Beer Writer (and Beer Enthusiast for over 20 years)
    All about Beer – US (
    All about Beer – UK (
    Allt om Öl (
    Humulus Lupulus (

  5. Awesome idea Ashley! But where is Beer by Bart??

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